Inès Longevial ​​paints mysterious self-portraits with the colors of her feelings

With a clear taste for the play of light and shade on the skin, Inès Longevial ​​prefers self-portraits. Capturing faces, often sad and always feminine, allows him to convey his own emotions.
his exhibit, magic hour, It will now be discovered in Agen. It consists of more than 60 works, paintings and drawings in small and large formats.

Works by the painter Ines Longvial are on display at the Jacobite Church in Agen.  & nbsp;  (Louis Fret)

Born in Agen in 1990, Inès Longevial ​​has been painting since childhood. Having become known on Instagram, she became an actress at the book fair Bordt in Paris. She has since exhibited in Paris, Berlin, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She is now pleased to be able to display in her hometown for her first exhibition at the museum. “It is touching to present my work here, in this wonderful place which is the Jacobin Church. In addition, there are very beautiful stained glass windows and the light that penetrates through them plays with my paintings, creating a kind of magical dance of colours.”The painter says with joy and enthusiasm.

Over the course of the gallery, we transition from a bright pink nose to green shades of rounded cheeks, from prominent chick-yellow arches to orange chins, from plump sandy beige breasts to bluish-gray thighs. Vibrant and exciting colors give these still objects a bit of life. Each of Inès Longevial’s work is an enchanting dive into a dream, whether through the color choices, the poses of its subjects, and their magnetic gaze.

“For this exhibition, I chose to talk about the magical hour, that time of day when the sun wipes the skin. It is a wonderful moment that I love to write tirelessly in my paintings”, explains the artist Agen. This magical hour significantly inspired the series magic hour It consists of sixteen close-up miniatures of the women around him.


Inès Longevial ​​play with colors all seasons, Warm spring or winter cold tones. For color I am a painteras you say. His gaze at the world and his surroundings steadily transcends lights and midtones. “I have a real photographic memory of the colours, and my memories are always connected to the emotions I might have felt in front of them.”


“There is also this greedy, gourmet, and even physical side to my work: I always want to lick paint, and caress it.”as you say. As a lover of gastronomy, the artist presents a gourmet palette, suggesting honey, strawberry ice cream or “cream”.

For the artist, the face is a reflection of the inner self. Desiring not to freeze the soul of others in her paintings, Inès Longevial ​​chooses her profile to reveal thousands of aspects of her feelings. Sometimes her frown is dreamy, somber or calm, and her original postures, constantly return, sculpted with a very geometric tenderness.

Three selfies by & nbsp;  Inès Longevial ​​& nbsp;  :

By choosing the image, Ines Longvial suggests it “A return to simplicity and eternity of the face, and we are still surprised by what is no longer surprising”, such as the length of the nose or the circumference of the jaw. The painter constitutes appearance, between absence and presence, and thus intends to present a form of “consolation” Be it himself or the onlookers. “My paintings provide a calm and silent presence, like a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on.”

magic hour It also gives a large part for drawing on paper, an essential step in its creation: “Papers are an integral research of my work, I always draw my drawings in the direction of the source of the painting”Artist details. “It’s a more intimate and spontaneous aspect of my art” which she chose to display now.

Extremely more intimate because ingenuity The paper gives the impression of marriage more with the sensual shapes of its female characters. Thus, the paper allows him to make a reality “Leather Chronicles” and meat. his latest innovations, life strategy gameAnd the It is a huge tripod board, which is a jumble of 108 joined sheets of A4 size.

At the heart of the gallery, a huge painting is spread out on the floor of the Jacobin Church. Because He is oil on poplar, four meters by six meters high, designed for a very special project: to mix dance with his paintings. “I met the dancer Léo Walk and we immediately wanted to do a joint project and combine our practicessays the artist.

From this idea a video was born, BecauseFilmed in 2019 by director Nils Castellon. We see break-dancing and choreographer Leo Wook, along with the artist who paints this giant painting, to the tunes of an abandoned house in the south of France.

“I really have a special relationship with touch, matter and texture and it just made sense to dance. I wanted Leo to step on this board.” Moreover, Inès Longevial ​​considers this painting as a “The stage, a scenographic space, is more than just a canvas.”

An immersive space dedicated to the dissemination of this video in the Jacobite Church, concludes the exhibition on this gentle poetic note.

Two paintings by Ines Longvial will also be shown in Paris as part of the exhibition l’Indian summer In the gallery of my book Bordet, From August 30 to October 1, 2022.

The Magic Hour until September 11, 2022. Jinan Museum of Fine Arts. Open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday, from 2 pm to 6 pm. The price is 5 euros.

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