STAT vs. Untenable | The battle at 7 PM is already underway

After the battleDistrict 31 It has been officially launched. Radio-Canada and TVA have already started the promotional machine for STAT And the Undefensiblemore than a month before it hits the airwaves.

Posted on July 30

Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

The two dailies will broadcast simultaneously on Monday 12th September at 7pm. They will occupy the time period left vacant by a certain police drama in the spring, after six seasons of overwhelming dominance.

The amount of energy — and money — that Radio-Canada and TVA spent promoting these series should come as no surprise.

“The 7 p.m. box is an important box,” says Isabelle Fournier, director of media activations, at Cossette Media. “She’s the one who starts the party. She’s been affiliated with Radio Canada for years.”

The daily drama on TVA is something we’ve never seen before. The fight looks tight. It’s curved, it’s natural.

Isabelle Fournier, Director, Lead Media Activation, at Cossette Media

Last fall, when District 31 (1.8 million viewers) excel daily the tower By Patrick Huard (635,000 viewers), Radio-Canada and TVA attracted approximately 2,435,000 Quebecs from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. According to the latest forecasts, that number should drop 20% to 2 million this year.

Showdown Trailer

It’s hard to say, says Isabelle Fournier of Cossette Media. One thing is for sure, the two series will be part of the Top 30 Most viewed shows. The trailers I’ve seen are promising. »

On Thursday evening, Radio Canada began broadcasting the first trailer for STAT. Comprised of photos taken last week, this 45-second montage follows the engravings of individual characters, which have been circulating on ICI Télé since June.

Skillfully constructed, these excerpts suggest a medical series under intense stress.

bereaved viewers District 31 Surely note that there are a few comedians who have survived the famous neighborhood police station, including Patrick Lappé (the late Laurent Cloutier) and Virginie Ringer-Beauregard (Stephanie Mallu). The first is now a psychiatrist, and the second is a social worker.

Genevieve Schmidt (the unforgettable Nancy Reubel) is also involved in the project, and everything indicates that she’s defending another character (a surgeon, this time) with lots and lots of situations.

Signed by Marie-Andre Labbe (veryAnd the no date), STAT He will plunge us into the world of the Montreal hospital staff. The plot will center around the character of Emmanuel Saint-Cyr (Suzanne Clément), the head of the emergency department, and the professionals around her, including Eric Perron (Stephan Rousseau), the assistant patron, and Pascal Saint-Cyr (Norman Damore), an oncologist.

The cast has been completed by Le Pascal Tremblay, Ludivine Redding, Samantha Vince, Anglican Major, Jean-Nicolas Virault, Isabel Blaise, Bruno Marcel and Maxime Allard. Daniel Methot (District 31And the 30 livesAnd the Virginia) directs the loops.

The promotional campaign conducted on the Internet is paying off. More than 19,000 people signed up for the exhibition’s official account on Facebook, compared to 1,500 people untenable.

Talking aboutUndefensibleThe second trailer aired for a week. It lasts just over a minute, and offers a frantic entry into the law firm of La Pointe-McDonald, made up of criminal lawyers played by Sebastien Delorme, Anne Elisabeth Boss, Michel Laperriere and Nour Belcheria.

Actors Martin-David Peters, Jean Miho, Catherine Reno, Matthew Barron, Michael Ahuja, Marielles Burke, Marie-Yves Peron, Christian Begin and Tatiana Zinga Putao will play roles there, according to information provided by TVA.

Directed by Stefan SimardclashAnd the Grenade with that?He completed filming 80 episodes. The first 50 were installed. A team of authors led by Nadine Bismuth (family bondAnd the Help Beatrice) signs texts.

First impression

Set off with uproar and trumpets, trailers for STAT And the’Undefensible are “of great importance”, the producers of each series discussed.


Anne Elisabeth Boss, Sebastien Delorme, Michel Laperriere and Nour Belcheria, criminal attorneys atUndefensible

“We always say we only have a chance to make a good first impression…and that’s right,” says Isabelle Schefferer, producer at Pixcom, box behind. Undefensible.

The first trailer, for us, is crucial. It allows viewers to connect with the world of the series. For us, it is a promise and a calling: that is what you are called to.

Isabelle Chevrier, Pixcom Producer, Tailgate Undefensible

says Guillaume Lesperance, president of A Média and co-producer of STAT With Fabien Laroche and Michel Trudeau (Aetius). “It presents the environment, it shows our situation, it defines the main characters … It is very important.”

Both producers are “extremely pleased” with the support they are receiving from broadcasters.

“We are special,” said Isabelle Schefferer. The Quebecor group always does their best to promote their series. Because we are special, and because we are their first fictional daily, we feel very important to them. We can sense their enthusiasm. They see the episodes. Their reaction is so positive They are confident.”

Remembers Guillaume Lesperance, producer of successful programs such as Everyone is talking about itThe bye bye And the Discussions with my father. “Everyday life is something out of the ordinary. We definitely feel the support of the announcer. I know that District 31 It was very important to Radio Canada. We feel it STATIt’s a project no less important than that. »

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