Netizens and fans praise Super Junior for their professionalism after the sudden death of Eunhyuk’s father

Super Junior has postponed its “Super Show 9: Road” concert in Manila after the unexpected death of Eunhyuk’s father. The tragic news of Eunhyuk’s father’s death came as the members of Super Junior were preparing to leave Korea for their concert in the Philippines.

After Super Junior’s arrival in Manila and internal discussions with their company and event organizers, the concert was officially postponed. In a statement provided by the company, they informed fans of the decision but said the members still wanted to greet their fans right away.

Netizens and fans praise Super Junior for their professionalism after the sudden death of Eunhyuk's father

With great professionalism and love for their fans, Super Junior appeared on the scene and addressed the audience, expressing gratitude for his fans’ understanding.

Leeteuk addressed his fans, saying:

“I hope this doesn’t dampen your energy for too long. The thing is, back in Korea, we discussed whether to move to Manila for a while. Finally, we agreed to come again to greet the fans who were waiting for us. Even when we arrived in the Philippines, we kept discussing what to That we do, late at night, around 3-4 a.m. We think Super Show is a place of happiness, fun and hope.

So we do not “cancel” the offer. We put it off to make sure we can really give you the perfect amount of happiness, enjoyment, and hope. We hope you can see it as you bought tickets for this show early on. We originally planned to play only one night in Manila. But we spoke to the promoters and asked when we got back that we’d like to play for two nights. It’s only right that we show you our gratitude in this way… We also understand that by canceling the show, we’re causing a lot of inconvenience to a lot of people. So, to keep our dear ELFs and employees happy, we promise to come back as soon as possible.

When we get back, Siwon will be there. Eunhyuk will be by my side to confuse everyone again. In a way, we were lucky to have more chances to see ELFs here in the future. You’ve been more beautiful since the last time we were here. And for the great fans, we have prepared something special. We wish happiness to all of you only. And we feel bad leaving the stage without playing anything. So we’ll sing a few songs, hoping to keep our love strong forever. this is my wish. » – Leeteuk

Korean netizens have nothing but praise for the members’ decision to postpone the concert in the Philippines. The members insisted on appearing on stage to meet and greet the fans who showed up despite the postponement notice on the same day. Many netizens from many online communities shared their thoughts on their decision.

Read some comments:

  • “They could have canceled the concert, but instead they still sang songs in front of the fans and they didn’t cancel it but rescheduled it… If I were a Super Junior fan, I would cry.”
  • “They seriously went above and beyond. There is a reason they have lasted so long.”
  • “They still change their clothes and sing some of their songs. They really are the best among the best when it comes to treating their fans.”
  • “It’s the right decision, I don’t think fans will enjoy the show.”
  • “Its the right thing to do. They have a lot of experience and it’s not like it’s a simple reason either. We’re talking about family here. Fans won’t be able to enjoy the show anyway.”

ELFs who were anticipating the concert responded with incredible understanding, wanting to make sure the members took the time they needed to grieve and be with Eunhyuk. After Shindong at the venue apologized for the unexpected delay, the audience began chanting “It’s all right” in Korean, showing their love for the group.

Not only did the members take the time to give speeches in front of their fans, they also performed three songs.

Fans praised the group for their performance during such a difficult time and showed their gratitude for Super Junior’s dedication to ELF. Even when Super Junior arrived at the Manila airport, Leeteuk was filmed running to greet his fans who were waiting for their safe arrival.

On the other hand, Heechul, who has stayed in Korea, told fans that Sungmin, Kangin, and himself are standing by Eunhyuk, making sure he is surrounded by support.

The veteran idol group has become like family over the past 17 years, and they’re still showing that ELFs are their family too.

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