There was no electricity or running water in the house

My guest this week is Paul Darach, a Quebec-based country music singer, producer and director.

He sang the greatest songs, from Jeannette Renaud to Charles Aznavour, not forgetting Hugo Overray and many others. Come to think of it, it’s a great career for a little guy from Saint-François-de-Pabos, in Gaspésie.

Ok Paul, I’ll listen to you and talk to you. Where are you from Paul?

We are nine native children of Saint François de Papus, in Gaspey, very close to Chandler and lived in a 20ft by 22ft house.

There was no electricity or running water in the house.

Such a luxury, I only experienced it as soon as we moved to Montreal.

Tell us about your parents.

My father, Daniel, was a lobster fisherman and also worked in the factory in Chandler. Dad worked hard because he wanted to make sure we had food on the table. I would often drive him to his other jobs.

Music was popular in the house.

My wonderful mother, Mary Rose Obote, was always there for us. Now, talking to you, I hear him playing the organ or the harmonica. Because the sound of his music was echoing in the house.

You sang while standing on a chair at the age of six

My father loved to sing, and when we had visitors he would sit in a chair and invite me to sing standing on the chair.

Describe your home for nine children and two adults.

On the first floor family life went on without forgetting that we only had oil lamps to light us. On the second floor were the children’s bedrooms. Any rooms separated by curtains with the guys on one side and the girls on the other.

Did you play sports in your youth?

Indeed, music has invaded my life, especially when I got the guitar as a gift. We didn’t have enough money to play hockey, and besides, I remember putting on skate shoes for a white girl to go to the rink.

The Jacques-Cartier Bridge was the gateway to heaven.

I am barely 8 years old, and for the first time in my life, I see a place that is lit by electricity. Once we got home in Villeray, we experienced the beauty of the electricity that allowed us to see each other better. The streets of Mont Royal and Saint Catherine were so well lit that I thought I was in Las Vegas.

Your first jobs in Montreal.

She worked at Eagle Toys and then as a tailor for children’s linens.

You’re walking around on skates.

I left our place, a corner in Saint-Hubert and De Castelnau up to Marie-Anne and Saint-Andre. Let me make you laugh my first car was a Volkswagen Beetle whose floor was so punctured that we could see the asphalt we were walking on.

You haven’t finished your premiere round.

(with a big laugh) My first tour started when I was 17 and it’s still going on.

This is a big departure for Abitibe.

I had joined Les Loups Blancs when we were performing for a year in La Sarre without getting paid.

A year without pay!

I’ll explain. I thought we had a contract, but there wasn’t any, it was more like a tour that started on a member’s girlfriend’s farm, but still without a music contract.

I am still waiting for your salary.

After a day working on the farm, riding a train, and taking care of 75 cows, we accepted the restaurateur’s offer.

this to say?

On Saturdays and Sundays, we would sing in his restaurant. In return, we were housed and fed at her mother’s house for free. There is no salary as such, but sometimes the owner would give us money without his mother’s knowledge.

I worked with your sister Julie.

My sister sells more than 50,000 Tracks On four occasions for her new single, I joined her in making musical arrangements for the release of her third single.

Long live country music the whole time.

Unfortunately, country music haters never realized this fact. Country music is still a bestseller today.

I often participated in the show Today’s guys.

We were among the top ten sellers, which allowed us to appear on the show on several occasions. Today’s guys.

I want to limit myself to your youth, but can you tell me about your meeting with Charles Aznavour?

I met him to invite him to sing a duet with me. Imagine that the guy from Gaspésie makes such an application. At one point I showed him the notes of his music over 50 years ago that I had been studying. He gave me a big smile before I accepted.

A moment full of emotion.

More than 50 years ago, I met for the only time in my life Robert Charlebois in La Surrey when he made his show L’Osstidcho. Recently his son Jerome asked me to translate the song Normal As part of the evening tribute to Robert. I was very touched on stage and even more when Robert approached me to thank me for the beautiful interpretation of his song.

You are afraid of traveling by plane.

yes ! I have four children, six grandchildren… and a seventh soon. What a pleasure to sing with them! But they travel by plane, while me and my love, by car, which includes 2,000 kilometers per week.

Your wife is a wonderful woman.

I have shared my life with Johann Dubois for 33 years. His love for me and our children is exceptional. Besides, my love for her is too.

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