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Find out the detailed synopsis here, it all starts pre-Season 2 with Episode 464 airing on Friday, August 12, 2022 on TF1. Salome was almost fooled by Swann. Lost in her future with Guillaume, Laetitia values ​​her freedom. Louis cannot undo his engagement to Charlene.

The full ITC series recap for episode from 08/12/2022 with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in preview, everything you need to know.

Luis here starts it all

Louis and Charlene introduce themselves on social networks

Find the full summary ofHere It All Begins Episode 464 Broadcast on TF1 on Friday 12 August 2022 (See summaries in advance This is where it all starts ): Summary of the previous episode Here it all starts from 08/11/2022 Connected.

Swan trusts Salome that he hardly knows his father Alban … all his life he has been waiting for his arrival. Swan wanted to find Alban on his own, which is why he asked Cardone to accompany him to the tournament. Alban didn’t even recognize Swann when he passed him. He wanted to wait for the right moment to talk to her… but he died before that. His swan questions will not be answered.
Swan kidnapped Noémie because he thought she was the one who killed Alban. Swan just wanted to scare Noemi, Greg, and Marius. Salome does not understand why Swann did not release Noemi when he found out that Alban had committed suicide. Swan admits to a sprain.
Swan wants to turn himself in to the police… but first he wants to take part in the last championship event to honor Alban.

Laetitia ITC

Laetitia is happy to have fun with her friends, she gets along well with Gaetan

Kelly and Laetitia cook French toast together in just the right atmosphere with music in the background… they do whatever Guillaume hates.

Salome trusts Anais, and tells her that she has not yet reported him to the police. Anna thinks Swan is buying time to escape. Anna thinks Salome should not make excuses for Salome. She promised that if Swann didn’t report herself, she would go to the police station herself.

ITC . persistence

Constance finds it hard to be happy with Carlin

Charlene found Constance and Axel at breakfast: she decided to reveal to him that she was going to be engaged to Louis. Constance finds it hard to be excited, and says Charlene is a bit young. Axl does not jump for joy. Constance doesn’t want Charlene to go too fast, they’ve only been together for a year.

Tessier and Cardone clash in the final round of the championship.

Guillaume sends an SMS to Laetitia, and wants them to talk to each other.

Salome is where it all begins

Salome wanted to trust Joan

Louis believes that without the full consent of Charlene’s parents, the wedding will be difficult. He wants her to have the princess wedding she deserves… It’s okay if they wait. Charlene credits saying that there is only courtship.

Amber, Kelly, and Hortense talk about Charlene’s marriage: Amber says she’s against marriage, it’s not her thing.

Swan tells Salome that he has never met a girl like her and that he loves her. They kiss for the last time… Anna sees them. Salome goes to the tasting with Anais and Swan says he joins them but he doesn’t come.
Salome decides to look for him.

Kelly ITC

Leticia and Kelly are accomplices

Guillaume sends messages to Kelly every 5 minutes until Laetitia calls him again. Leticia tells Kelly she needs space because he got her drunk before he left. Laetitia wants Guillaume to question his person at home, his domineering and jealous side. Laetitia asks Kelly to stop Guillaume because he doesn’t have to harass her. Lytes intends to answer when she desires.

Here It All Begins In Advance Episode 464 August 12, 2022: Guillaume Goes Bad To Restore Laetitia

Charlene decides to write a story with Louis in the greenhouse to announce the engagement.

Since Guillaume left, Kelly tells Laetitia that she finds her more fulfilling. She admits that she still feels cloudy but it’s complicated.
Leticia receives an SMS telling her that he has booked a ticket for vacation and that the driver will pick her up.

Swan ITC

A swan at the foot of the wall… Salome forces him to condemn himself

Swan has taken his bags, and is ready to leave… but he can’t find his keys. It was Salome who took him in anticipation. Salome gives her phone so Swan reports herself to the police now.

The highlights here It all starts from August 12, 2022: What to remember

– Swan tries to evade the police and betrays his promise to Salome
– Guillaume wants Laetitia to go on vacation with him
– Laetitia doesn’t really know if she wants to continue with Guillaume
Charlene and Louis publish a story about their engagement
Constance and Axel are not happy that Charlene intends to do business with Louis

we saw

The +

  • Louis finds himself facing a wall
  • Happy Laetitia Without Guillaume
  • The happy scenes between Laetitia and Kelly (mother and daughter) are fun


  • Salome is so kind to Swann even if she makes up for her

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