‘I will never compare myself to Princess Diana’

It’s Delphine de Saxe-Coburg’s turn to fight the false headlines in the press. However, the daughter of Albert II was accustomed to malicious articles about her. This time, Princess Delphine decided not to remain silent and denounced the methods practiced by the Daily Mail, which, by distorting her remarks, gives the impression that she Compared to Princess Diana.

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Princess Delphine denounces the wrong headline of the Daily Mail

Princess Delphine gave an interview to the prestigious Tatler magazine. This interview with the half-sister of King Philip of Belgium has not yet been published, but the Daily Mail would have had a copy and would reveal certain passages by providing a rough summary.

One sentence in particular caught the attention of the tabloid. “The public is now comparing me to Princess Diana, because I am a princess at heart and I am generous with charities”said the 54-year-old princess. In this interview, the princess reviews the years of her legal battle that led to the recognition of the paternity of King Albert II.

Princess Delphine attacks the Daily Mail and its misleading headline (Image: David Nevers/Apacabris)

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Compare Delphine with Diana? Distorted and misleading statements

The comparison between Delphine and Diana has also been chosen to appear in the title of this Daily Mail article. “The beloved child of Belgium’s King Albert II, Princess Delphine, says the public is now likening her to Princess Diana.” Unscrupulous tabloids usually write headlines to drive clicks, knowing full well the selling power of terms “Princess Diana”. Not to mention the fact that the Daily Mail does not hesitate to post clips from an interview given by one of the competitors, which have not yet been released.

Princess Delphine and Princess Claire during the 2022 National Day (Image: Abacapress)

I will not accept this false quote being circulated in the press. Normally, I don’t speak when my words are distorted but here it is simply wrong.”Princess Delphine responded angrily on her social networks. The misquotation from the Princess spread like wildfire, especially in the Kingdom of Belgium, embarrassing Delphine. The Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad has already deleted the online article from the Daily Mail.

‘Out of context’confirms to the daughter of Albert II and Baroness Sybil de Celes Longchamps. “I would never compare myself to Princess Diana, whom I admire very much. We have very different stories. And he would certainly not be called the ‘Princess of Hearts’ as the press now claims.” It will be necessary to wait for the article to be published in Tatler to read Delphine’s true words.

The Daily Mail, which often publishes information with little accuracy, is nowhere near an approximation in its article. Remember that name “Princess Diana” It is simply wrong. To further underscore the similarity between the former Princess of Wales and Princess Delphine, the Daily Mail wrote: “The princess has a short blonde haircut that hasn’t changed since she was young, like Princess Diana’s signature style.”

The article also writes that the children of Princess Delphine are “Princess Josephine of Belgium” And the Prince Oscar of Belgium. Again, this entry is wrong. They both retain their father’s surname well, while receiving the surname “Prince and Princess of Belgium” And the backbone of His Royal Highness.

In the rest of the interview, as described by the Daily Mail, Princess Delphine justifies her father’s rejection of the way of life that might be “isolate” And by the fact that he may have been poorly advised. The Daily Mail also wrote that Delphine was born when Albert “Crown”Address not located in Belgium. While Albert was already first in line behind his brother, King Baudouin, he was not considered the heir in the 1960s.

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