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Marilou Wolfe has put her acting career on hold in recent years to dedicate herself to directing, and we have to admit that with… Arlette, which begins August 5, is probably her best movie. The young woman, who will start filming another production at the end of the month, says with conviction that she is happy and proud of her film, and really feels like it is in her place.

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Here’s this much-anticipated movie starring Maribere Maureen, once again on stage. Let’s define one thing right away: Maripier explodes on screen and delivers a performance full of nuance. “I’m really proud of the work she’s done. I think she’s excellent. We improved her acting, she had a lead role with Gilbert Secot and David La Haye, actors who have a presence. So we standardized everything and worked to give her confidence upstream, so that she has all the tools To offer that presence as well,” explains Marielope Wolf. She adds, “There was a whole lot of acting for this character, and I can tell Maribere is really professional; she’s a worker. She got engaged, knew everyone’s lines. He soldier And I find it precious in the collection! “

Photo: Les Films Opal

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In this film, all the performers are flawless. a jobArlette It takes place in Quebec, and photos, such as those taken at the National Assembly in the Capitol, at Château Frontenac or on city streets, are otherwise fascinating. “Yves Belanger (who signs the direction of photography) He has an international career. He has an exceptional talent for playing with light and making people look beautiful. Yves is capable of anything, and he has done a great job, as has the entire technical team.”

Photo: Les Films Opal

“I am really proud of the work that Maribere has done. She has an innate talent, she is attractive to photograph and she has charisma.

Enchanted by the suggestion

It has been nearly two years since Mariloup was approached to direct the film. “There was another director assigned to the project. Finally, I was called up to take over. It was just before Christmas, and I had 24 hours to answer. I read the script and really liked that suggestion. I liked the idea that it’s a game, like a big play that starts over and over again. I found that Fun and rich as a suggestion. It really excited me! I had a meeting for over 2 hours with Mary (Fin, author)Then I had a few weeks to put my full approach to filmmaking. It’s a satirical comedy that I can enjoy in style, with everything that is visually rich: textures and colors.

“Reading the script, I was charmed for the first time by this strong female character, a woman without a political background and pushed into a world alien to her. I loved the idea of ​​showing a bold woman who is not a nunchi. Even if she doesn’t know this environment, we understand that she is wonderful and that she will achieve her ends.” No matter which path you take, you will get there.”

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Cinema is above all

Mariloup does not know when she will resume her acting career, but at the moment, production has occupied a lot of space, as well as animation in the show. Big step. We often forget that his passion for cinema is nothing new. “I studied in this field at the age of 19, including three years I spent at Concordia University. At CEGEP, I made a short film, a documentary, and a music video. This universe always challenged me, Maryloupe remembers. I chose to go to film school — not theater school. – Because that’s what I wanted to do. Everyone recognized me in front of the camera – I acted ramdam For eight years – but I was studying full time to finish my bac in cinema. I told myself I would be directing my first movie in my 30s, and in my 30s it happened; I’m turning around Foot in the void. “

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“Everyone knows me in front of the camera – I played in Ramdam for eight years – while I was studying full time to finish my bac in cinema. That was what I wanted to do.”

In 2008, we went to the filming location of the first movie where she worked as a director.

Photo: Jan Langevin

In 2008, we went to the filming location of the first movie where she worked as a director. “I told myself I was going to make my first movie in my thirties, and in my thirties, it happened; I shot feet into the void.”

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make your place

Are there any similarities between the character of Arlette Saint-Amour, the director of a fashion magazine who decided at the invitation of the Prime Minister to dive into politics, and the character of Marielope, the actress-turned-manager? “I see a similarity between me and Arlette in the fact of boldness, being a woman who wants to make her mark in a masculine environment; her in politics, and I in perception. But we see more and more outputs; I have seen this development for 15 years. An extraordinary change has already occurred!” “

Speaking of her debut, she admitted, “I have to say that looking so petite and flirty hurts me. I had to create a kind of credibility for myself. I’ve always struggled with it a little bit, but at the same time I was very passionate! I had the vocabulary, I knew what I wanted and was determined. Very. I did my classes,” she adds confidently.

necessary rest

Before embarking on the promotion of his film and the pre-production of his next film, Cœur de slush (adapted from Sarah-Maude Beauchesne’s novel)Marielope gave himself a little relief. “I rented a small house by the sea in the Dominican Republic and went on vacation with my friends (Manui, 12, and Miro, 10). It has helped me so much, this good time when I was glued to my sons from morning to night. It has been really wonderful. I love to see their personalities take shape, to see them grow up, to see their passion. I was alone with them, it was really cool.

On July 28, his two sons, Manui and Miro, accompanied him on the red carpet.

Photo: Martin Naked/QMI

On July 28, his two sons, Manui and Miro, accompanied him on the red carpet.

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With less than two months before the provincial elections, when people often make fun of politicians, what reactions do you expect from them to the film? In fact, the film shows the world of politicians in a respectful and humorous way. We don’t make fun of them. We glorify politics, in fact. It’s a beautiful picture of this environment but without cheating. It’s still a power game.

to achieve Arlette, Mariloup had to immerse himself in this universe in order for everything to be reliable. “I had to ask a lot of questions, because I didn’t know the answers. Every time whether l my sonWhen it comes to mental illness, or for him fell apartwhich pertains to family law, I must fully immerse myself in an environment that is not mine and try to make it as realistic as possible, while preserving my creative freedom.

Marielope Wolf will let you live Arlette “His Child”, while devoting the audience to other tasks. “The work has already begun mud heart: I will be shooting until October and then the editing of the film will begin. In addition, I will be filming the third season of big movement. This time, we’ll go all over America.” Here’s a busy woman, but what a job and her life!

Arlette It hits theaters August 5th. The first two seasons of big movement Available in

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