Nabila: His unequal salary, which is worthy of the “French Ligue 1” player, shocks Internet users!

In recent days, Le Parisien has researched the life of Nabila Benatia. In the columns of the daily newspaper, we find out beautiful woman salary The equivalent of a professional soccer player!

How much does a noble earn exactly?

In recent years, reality TV It has taken on an important dimension In the French audiovisual scene. Thanks to this kind of program, we were able to meet so many “talent”.

For example, file “Marseille” It allowed Maeva Ghanam and Julian Tanti to become famous. ” Angels “ He also did the same with Other public figures. It was also thanks to the latter that the public discovered Nabila Benatia.

Known for her famous phrases “No, but hello what?”Since then, she has had a very successful career. Thus, the life of Nabila Benatia today is The subject of media attention. Be it her private life or career, her fans all want to know about the beautiful brunette woman.

Our colleagues from Paris are also interested in the daily life of the young woman. In their columns, we can even Discover a noble salary. The latter spoke about it with a journalist from Liberation while promoting Noble without filter.

Then she said his wages are the same as a good Ligue 1 player. It does not refer to appendix formation. This seems to refer to the OM operator.

“Understand: 300,000 to 400,000 euros per month,” says the article in Le Parisien.

impressive numbers allow Milan’s mother To live a life that makes more than one pale. Remember that during an interview with Le Parisien, she admitted that she is a millionaire.

“If I want to go to China, I will go to China. If I want to buy a house, I buy a house.

Why did Nabila move?

Thanks to her huge salary, Nabila Benatia was able to afford it Luxury villa in Dubai, With his family. A feature that the young lady made us visit several times on social networks. However, even though the influencer and her clan are enjoying themselves in this country, they still decided to move. For any reason ?

In fact, Le Parisien revealed itThere will be two copies associated with this step. The first is that Nabila and her family want to renew themselves a bit. In fact, Thomas Vergara and his wife would like to change the air.

The second reason that would have prompted the influencer to move was the Emirate of Dubai She will not want to renew her visa. The country will be bored “hordes of influencers washed up on its shores”.

It remains to be seen if this information is correct. What is certain however is that Thomas Vergara’s wife already knows his next destination. In fact, the beautiful brunette shared her wish Live in Los Angeles. We hope that one day his dream will come true.

family vacation

Like most French influencers, Nabila Benatia and her family have done too Take advantage of summer to recharge your batteries. Moments shared by the beautiful woman and her lover on social media. Thomas Vergara has unveiled the villa they are staying in. So we were able to discover that the house has a huge living room, a large dining room and a sauna.

This property is where they spend their holidays There is also a swimming pool. Moreover, the eldest of them hurried to take advantage of it. According to what her dad shared on Snapchat, Milan already knows how to handle herself in the water. According to Thomas Vergara, the little boy managed to swim No badge, no jacket.. No doubt his parents are proud of him.

During their vacation, Nabila Benatia and her family also did many activities. They just weren’t able Enjoy the large swimming pool, but also from the beach. To the delight of Milan, the clan also went to the children’s club.

However, if the holidays went well for them, the plane trip wasn’t easy. As the influencer revealed their daughter, Lian couldn’t stop crying. Therefore, the people on the plane have ” Judge “ his mom.

Realize that traveling with a child It’s not easyThe young woman said:

“I take back everything I said about people who have screaming children.”

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