Bixente Lizarazu shirtless with his son Tximista: they set the web on fire!

Bixente Lizarazu Share photos regularly on social networks. Recently, he posted a shot of him shirtless. The image in question has garnered many great reviews. Note that when he took it, the former world soccer champion was enjoying his vacation with his eldest son. The latter lives in the United States and is very close to his father.

Bixente Lizarazu with her son

Bixente Lizarazu and her eldest son Tximista They rarely see each other. because of ? The young man lives in New York and runs a large company. Which leaves him little time to devote to his family. So when the moment comes for a reunion, it’s often a spark.

This happened on Saturday 6 August 2022. With his father Tximista Travel to the Basque Country, the area to which his family belongs. They had a great time together between mountain trekking and sporting activities. The former France international was especially happy to be able to spend time with his son.

Unable to contain his joy, he decided to share This moment of happiness on social networks. Indeed, TF1’s sports advisor posted several photos of him and his eldest during their stay. In one, we see the two enjoying fresh mountain air with a friend.

“The American is back”, we can read in the legend.

Photos shared by the former football player Made a lot of subscribers interact. The latter was clearly pleased to see him so happy.

Bixente Lizarazu without a shirt

In one of the pictures posted by Bixente Lizarazu, we can see him without a shirt on a boat. The father of the family All Smiles is enjoying the sea with his eldest son.

“Mountain side in the morning, sea side in the afternoon. #lamericainltximista,” he commented.

Lizarazu subscribers liked the photo very much. In the comments bar, many of them Leave a short message.

“These moments of complicity with our children are the most beautiful and priceless”, “seems like two brothers. So cute! “,” I am happy that you spend time every 2 … Family is precious “,” Handsome child from father to son “,” What a It is a joy to see you so happy! We love you so much!”, May we read.

Last June, he also met Bixente Lizarazu and Tximista Happy Father’s Day. They gave themselves a diving day and the ex-footballer immortalized this moment with a shot. A photo he then shared on Instagram. Apparently, subscribers to his channel liked it, and soon the photo received many comments.

It must be said that the former world football champion loves Spending time with loved ones. For him, family is the most important thing in the world. As he said in an interview with Télé Star in 2013:

“With my father, we share physical tasks. And with my mother, we talk a little more, even if we are not really chatty in the family”

Tximista Lizarazu, businessman

Bixente Lizarazu may be proud of his son. As a businessman, the young man meet with great success. In fact, the eldest son of the former blues defender is the co-founder of the Fraîche brand. A company working in the field of food and its goal “Creating the world’s best office dining experience”.

Tximista was born in 1995. Her first name means ” Lightning “ In the Basque language. the young man has Half-brother born in 2008. Just like their father, he was also passionate about sports. A fan of Roger Federer, the son of the 98 world champion, was more attracted to tennis than to football.

In addition to tennis, Tximista also practices sliding sports Like surfing and snowboarding. The young man went to business school. Once he finished his studies, he created his own brand of apparel products. And that, with some success, because the somewhat offbeat concept of Overturn t-shirts has found its audience.

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