Like La Nuit du 12, 5 investigative films remain unsolved

Here are 5 films you might want to (re)watch after Dominik Moll’s La Nuit du 12, a surprise hit this summer in cinemas. All of these films are (or nearly) unsolved investigations, whose writing and suspense thrilled onlookers.

La Nuit du 12 by Dominik Moll is one of the surprise hits of the summer, thanks to its excellent word of mouth and very good critical reception, making it one of the best-rated films by the press in 2022. This investigative film stands out at the summer box office thanks to its good resistance For movies like Bullet Train, Minions 2, or Buzz Lightyear.

Inspired by true events, La Nuit du 12 follows a vile and unsolved investigation led by the judicial police, in this case the murder of Clara (Lula Cotton-Frapier), a young woman burned alive one night. The case is followed by Johan (Bastien Bollon) with the support of Marceau (Polly Laniers). Johan will be deeply affected by what this survey says about the world around him and violence against women…

Like La Nuit du 12, a certain number of thrillers have the peculiarity of having unresolved plots* or whose ending leaves the viewer confused as to what might have been the motive for the told murder(s). We’ve picked five, plus a bonus: murder memories that have the peculiarity of being resolved years after the movie’s release!

La Nuit du 12 is currently in theaters.

*Note: For La Nuit du 12 this is not a suite, this resolution is made from the opening credits

Zodiac by David Fincher (2007)

Warner Bros. France

what is he talking about ? From 1966 to 1978, the story of three individuals bent on putting an end to the actions of the Zodiac Killer, a serial killer responsible for the deaths of 37 people in San Francisco.

the story of the movie:
Zodiac directed by David Fincher and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. is inspired by the true story of a zodiac killer who broke out in California between 1966 and 1978. Although the killer was always acting with his face exposed and robot images could be produced. At no time did the police find the masked suspects. The Zodiac killer is accused of committing between 37 and 200 murders, while remaining within a 200-kilometer radius around San Francisco.

In October 2021, the case unexpectedly rebounded … After more than 50 years of events, a team of more than 40 investigators finally found the identity of the serial killer. read more…

Where do you see the movie? On Netflix, OCS, VOD, or DVD.

The Black Dahlia by Brian De Palma (2006)

Metropolitan Film Export

what is he talking about ? In this dark 1947 murder story, a police officer becomes obsessed with the gruesome murder of a famous Los Angeles actress. A crime that brings him back to his mother’s unexplained murder, which he vows to solve…

the story of the movie: The Black Dahlia by Brian de Palma is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by James Ellroy, published in 1987. The book is based on the true story of the murder of Elizabeth Short, a young actress who left Hollywood at the end of the 1940s in Massachusetts. She disappeared under mysterious circumstances at the beginning of January 1947. Fifteen days later, her horribly mutilated body was found abandoned in South Los Angeles. His killer has never been found or identified. read more…

Where do you see the movie? On myCANAL, on VOD and DVD.

Sean Baines The Pledge (2001)

Warner Bros. France

what is he talking about ? Despite pressure from his co-workers for him to end his career with the police, Jerry is determined to launch one last investigation. He solemnly promised the mother of a young victim to find her killer.

The story behind the movie : The vile facts told at the beginning of the foreclosure are based on real events. Inspector Joe Dechinsky, the film’s technical advisor, was at the time conducting an investigation to find out who the real child killer was. It is from this base that Jerzy Kromolovsky and Marie Olson Kromolowski co-wrote the script, based on the book The Promise by Friedrich Dürnmatt. Note, however, that the film takes freedom with the true story and presents a completely different outcome, which has distinguished many onlookers for its very dark side.

Where do you see the movie? on VOD and DVD.

38 Witnesses by Lucas Bellevue (2012)

Divana Cast

what is he talking about ? While returning from a business trip to China, Louise discovers that her street has been the scene of a crime. No witness, everyone was asleep. It seems. Her husband, Pierre, was working. was at sea. Apparently … the police and the press are also investigating …

the story of the movie: 38 Witnesses by Lucas Bellevue from “Is This the Way Women Die?” by David Decoin, released in 2009 by Grasset and Fasquelle Editions.

At the time of the film’s release, his director explained that he was interested in the themes associated with this story, such as justice, lies, cowardice, the couple, etc. The director’s desire was to talk about people and their behavior in relation to this particular situation, facing the spectator with it, and making it a “witness to the witness.”

Where do you see the movie? on VOD and DVD.

A Souvenir of Christopher Nolan (2000)


what is he talking about ? Leonard has only one idea: to track down the man who raped and killed his wife in order to get revenge. His search for the killer is made more difficult by the fact that he suffers from a rare and incurable form of amnesia…

the story of the movie: Taking the form of a kaleidoscope, with its explosive narrative, Christopher Nolan’s Memento is a film that marked the history of cinema. In addition to its totally confusing and thus totally stunning construction, the script is mesmerizing with its subject matter. “One of my goals in making this film was to put the viewer in the position of one of the protagonists of the story, to push them to study the existential conditions of identity and the daily process of learning, and to increase memory,” Christopher Nolan explained at the time of the film’s release.

One inevitably wonders about the correctness of the disease that the main character suffers from. This disorder that Leonard Shelby character suffers from actually exists, and it’s called advanced amnesia. It results in the inability to form new memories. If Memento does not fall into the category of films directly inspired by real events, or films with unresolved investigations, it leaves the viewer in a state of uncertainty. Here the question is “why?” What prompted Leonard to kill in the first place? Murder is a foregone conclusion, and the question is about motive.

Where do you see the movie? on VOD and DVD.

Bonus: Bong Joon Ho’s Murder Memories (2004)

CTV International

what is he talking about ? In 1986, in Gyeonggi Province, the body of a young woman who had been raped and then murdered was found in the countryside. Two months later, other similar crimes occurred. In a country that has never known such atrocities, rumors of actions committed by a serial killer are increasing day by day.

the story of the movie: The story of the memories of the murders is based on true events that took place between 1986 and 1991. The first serial killer in the entire history of Korea raped and murdered ten women within a radius of two kilometers. The oldest victim was 71 years old. The youngest of them was a 13-year-old schoolgirl. The killer left no clues behind, leaving the investigation unresolved for a very long time. In September 2019, everything changed! 30 years later, Korean police have identified the real killer who inspired the movie. A few weeks later, the suspect admitted the facts. Director Bong Joon Ho later talked about solving this mystery since the Cannes Film Festival in 2019.

Where do you see the movie? On Prime Video, on VOD or DVD.

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