12 Things You Didn’t Know About Grease

On August 8, 2022, the Anglo-Australian actress The death of Olivia Newton-John From the breast cancer she’s been battling for 30 years. Become a world star after the success of the musical fat (1978), Olivia Newton-John has won the hearts of several generations by interpreting the role of Sandy Olson, an Australian high school student who finds her summer love at her new high school in the United States. Back to the music that was greatest success of the twentieth century.

Grease is an adaptation of a Broadway musical

The musical originally premiered on Broadway, was written in 1971 by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey and set in a Chicago suburb. The movie has been modified: The original text contains more vulgar words and vulgarities.

Fonzi almost played Danny Zuko

Henry Winkler, who played Legendary Fonzie in happy Days Had to play the role of DannyZuko. He finally withdrew from the project, fearing that this image of a bad boy in a leather jacket would become his trademark.

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Carrie Fisher almost played Sandy

Randy Kleiser, the manager, was George Lucas’ roommate in college and was watching star Wars, wondering if Carrie could play Sandy. Actress Marie Osmond was a favourite, but declined the role because she had grown up in the Mormon tradition, and didn’t want Sandy to turn from a good girl to a bad girl by the end of the film.

Sandy shouldn’t be Australian

Alan Carr, the film’s producer, casts Olivia Newton-John after a dinner they are said to have attended. Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, the actress was Unable to speak with an American accent. While in a Broadway play named Sandy Dombrowski who is of Polish-American descent, Alan Carr changed her name to Olson, allowing her to retain her Australian accent.

Jeff Conway (Keniki) played Danny Zuko on Broadway

Jeff Conway knew the story well since he was already playing it fat in Broadway. But while he interprets the role of Danny Zuko there, in the movie, he is a Kenneki translator. Richard Gere and Patrick Swayze also portrayed Danny Zuko in the theater.

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The beginning of the film honors James Dean

Danny Zuko’s character is Inspired by James Deanpraised by the designers at the beginning of the film: Danny’s jacket is reminiscent of James Dean in the movie life’s wrath.

Elvis Presley had to star in the movie

Elvis Presley had to explain the role of the guardian angel From the Frenchy in the song Beautyschool dropoutBut she died while filming. So it was Frankie Avalon who got the role. in the song Look at me, I’m Sandra Dthe words mentioned were originally Sal Minyu – also in language life’s wrath– , who was assassinated in 1976. Then the lyrics were changed to refer to Elvis Presley, who he is He died the day the scene was filmed.

They shouldn’t be the most popular songs in the movie

At the last moment, the producers decided to add four songs that were not originally in the film: Dahn, Sandy, you’re the one I want And the Hopelessly dedicated to you. The latter is the only one to receive an Academy Award nomination.

The Beach Boys Had To Sing “Creamed Lightning”

The band had to perform the song greased lightningJohn Travolta sang it in the movie. On Broadway, Kenneki performed this song, which makes sense since it’s about his car. But John Travolta did his best to get that scene, Which caused some tension during filming. While filming this scene, Jeff Conway (Keniki) injured his back Falling while dancing on the car. This injury was the cause of his addiction to painkillers, which led to his death in 2011.

The ball lasted two weeks

The dance competition scene took two weeks to film at a high school in Los Angeles. The temperature was over 40 degrees in the gymnasium without windows It causes many diseases and illnesses. Even Michael Tucci, Sonny LaTierri’s translator, had to be taken to the emergency room.

Olivia Newton-John’s pants had to be sewn on her

The panty that Sandy wore after her transformation belonged to Olivia Newton-John. It was so tight that the zipper broke and we had to sew it on the body.

It is the most successful musical comedy of the 20th century.

fat It was the most successful film of its year of release, 1978. Its sound was the second best-selling album of that year, after… Saturday night fever, with John Travolta also in the lead role. 4 songs from .’s soundtrack fat It landed in the Billboard Top 10, and the film grossed nearly $400 million. It’s the highest-grossing musician of all time.until Mama Mia! in 2008.

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