Infanta Christina joins her children and husband in France as in the old days despite the separation

We didn’t expect to see her again on Bidart’s beaches anytime soon. But Infanta Christina appeared in the Basque Country last week. As in the old days, Bidart welcomes Infanta Cristina, her husband, Inaki, and their children. We almost forgot that the couple separated and that only a few days ago, it was the new companion of the former handball player who was walking by his side on the beach.

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Back to where the scandal broke out

Bidart has always been the refuge of Infanta Christina and her husband. This border town with Biarritz has long served as a vacation spot for King Philip’s sister. Every year, the Spanish press publishes photos of the family, taken by the paparazzi. A few days ago, the press published photos of Inaki Urdangarin, but it was his new companion, Ainhua Armentia, who accompanied him.

A fairly popular place for Iñaki to be, Bidart is less than two hours by road from Victoria, the Spanish border town where the entire Urdangarin family lives. Nobody can imagine seeing the second daughter of King Juan Carlos in Bidart this year.

Infanta Elena and her family have been frequenting Bedard Beach for years. File image (Photo: Look Press / ABACAPRESS.COM)

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Infanta Christina finds her children and husband in Bidart

However, Hola magazine publishes exclusive photos taken last week. We see Infanta Cristina appearing on the beach. While walking on her side, she came across her children who were doing water sports with their father. “Christina met her husband and their children at Bidart Park, this Thursday, August 4th”Hola writes. “Pablo and Miguel were jet-skiing and as soon as they saw her, they came out of the water with their boards to kiss her.” Juan, Cristina’s eldest son and Inaki’s four children, is once again missing.

A few days ago, Infanta Cristina spent three days in Mallorca, at the Marivent Palace, with her mother. Cristina was accompanied by only two of her sons, Miguel and Pablo. Apparently she then joined Barcelona and then spent a few days in Cadiz in the company of her sister, Infanta Elena. The sisters are also likely to visit their father, King Juan Carlos, in Abu Dhabi again this summer.

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They put their differences aside for the sake of their children

Inaki and Christina announced their separation in January 2022, shortly after photos were published showing her husband holding hands with another woman, during a walk on the beach in Bidart. Inaki is now cementing his relationship with this person, Ainhua Armentia, whom he met at his workplace while doing his community work at a law firm, as part of his remission.

Before the publication of photos proving his infidelity, the former spouses of the Dukes of Palma de Mallorca looked very happy. A month ago, they were photographed holding hands on a trip, enjoying a prison stay from Inaki. Inaki confirmed his extramarital affair since the start of the scandal and assumes the consequences.

Last October, shortly before the compromising photos were published, the couple was photographed in Barcelona. (Photo: Europa Press / ABACAPRESS.COM)

During these beach encounters, although the photo can be cheerful, Hola determines that the tension between the pair was still palpable. ” When [Cristina et Inãki] Found alone to chat and watch [leurs enfants] When doing sports, the distance and tension between them was obviouss,” the magazine wrote.

“The marriage unexpectedly collapsed after nearly twenty-five years, but the spirit of the family is indestructible and the love of their children is unshakable.”. That is why, despite the difficulties, Infanta Cristina wanted to find her family and husband to discuss and consider the future calmly, even if divorce seemed inevitable.

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