Jennifer: This is the food that the singer refuses to give to her three children!

Jennifer Bartoli became with her three children A more mature mother than when she was twenty-one. During an interview on a parenting topic, the Corsican actress and singer confirms that she wants to pass on good eating habits to her sons. A wonderful mother allows a large number of foods on her table except for one. We reveal everything to you!

The healthy lifestyle that Jennifer is trying to instill

young mother He does not have such strict discipline To the point of checking everything on the scale. It only works on a balanced diet.

“I allow myself a lot of pleasure, but without being luxurious. I want to feel good, it is important that I do not feel restricted in any way because of your diet.”

Jennifer lived with Small complex. She’s not the type to dictate an overly harsh diet to her diet or that of her children.

“I am happy, Epicurean. But I am balanced: if I have a rich dinner, I will have a light lunch the next day,” explains the young woman.

Attention is passed on from generation to generation

Jennifer’s mother taught her the valueorganic food. Moreover, it was the latter who taught him grandmother’s famous recipe for strengthening the immune system. A young mother does the same with her children:

“And then also, when winter comes around with that famous spoon of honey, I try to make sure I give them everything they need, to bolster their immune defences.”

Balance balance and fun

“We don’t get discouraged by anything: there can be organic and non-organic products. The idea is above all fun, she insists.

Jennifer Bartoli above all wonderful mother. She will not impose an inflexible diet on her children.

Epicurean in her heart, she just wants to teach this idea of ​​balance to her sons. A good eating habit begins in early childhood. The singer knows this well.

With the current picture of our consumer society, it can be easy Go quickly into the sea. To that extent, Jennifer allows all but one drink for her children.

“The only thing is soda. There’s nothing in my house, anyway, that they really didn’t like,” she says.

The mother of the three boys encourages them to do so To drink a lot of water To stay healthy. We often forget the importance of drinking water regularly in our lives. However, it is a good idea to keep them perfectly, especially in this summer period. So it’s a gesture that Jennifer Bartoli would like her children to keep for a long time, even as they grow up.

Jennifer Bartoli is a happy mother

This mother happily captured that her sons were “stars of his life”. I grew up with them. The method of nursing that you want to pass on to them is something I’ve developed over all these years as a mother.

“I had a baby very early on, responsibilities. It gave me strength and allowed me to continue on the path,” she admits.

The latter, in fact, gave birth to her first child, Aaron, from Her union with Maxim NucciOnly 21 years old. In the meantime, I’ve learned a lot.

Tell how happy this event changed his life. With the arrival of her last two (Joseph and Giovanni), Jennifer discovers another side of her personality. She is just glad they are there.

“As a teen, I’ve always been his mother, but I grew up with him. This created a fusion relationship between us. A lot of complicity. My youngest age is equally exceptional, but the story is not the same as having a child at the age of twenty and having a child at the age of thirty.” Even if it’s the same unconditional love for both, of course,” she says.

Jennifer Bartoli isn’t very talkative when it comes to it his private life. However, she claims to live just like all mothers.

“There are a lot of mothers who work and try to do their best. I do the same.”

The singer explains that she also cleans toilets and Vacuum like everyone else. She loves her children and for their own good, she gives them a small limit which is soda.

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