near Nantes. This piece on the banks of the Loire offers three free concerts every week

Pierre Percy
Three free concerts are given each week. © Pierre Berset

The place is located in the middle of nature, on the small island of Pierre Bercy on the edge of the Loire River.

In focus, water and trees move in the wind. For his part, the wakepark websitethe name of the activity that offers, for the second summer in a row, water skiing on the water body.

It’s been two years since Guinguette of Pierre-Percée (diffes sur loire) has set up her booth with the history of wine, dating back to 1948, and its tables and benches located in the resource center.

“Get local artists and professional groups playing there”

Here, the furniture is completely recycled and removable. The place promotes environmental responsibility.

The history of this piece is related to Philip Gautrett.

Gardener by profession, a person who grew up near the river is passionate about music.

30-something has a wide network like Loire In the world of music and entertainment workers.

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“It is a world that has struggled during the pandemic. Many appointments have been cancelled,” recalls Philippe Gautret, who with his brother Marc was thinking of creating a venue for:

You have local artists and professional groups playing there.

Opportunity falls in 2021. For the summer, the town hall releases a call for bids to open Guinguette. Philip Gautret provides a file.

His suggestion was kept around live music and a restaurant based on local and organic produce.

Philip Guteret
Philippe Gautret, founder of the Pierre Berset Group. © HSM

After a year of testing, the formula was selected again by the city council, which signed a three-year agreement (2022-2024) with Sas MPTJ, the company that currently operates the two languages; Those of Divatte-sur-Loire and Revolutionary sur Loireheld by his brother.

Three free concerts per week

Music is the soul and essence of the place. Guinguette presents Pierre Berset live concerts Three evenings a week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Thursday evenings, from 6pm to 9:30pm, in August the venue hosts evenings led by local gatherings.

And on Wednesdays, from 6 pm to 10 pm, the open platform invites musicians of all levels who want to come and play.

60% of the groups are professional. The budget for programming in about forty appointments is about 20 thousand euros.

The poster is selective. Rock, jazz, pop rock, French song, world music, metal… all styles come to Guinguette, a place of openness and culture that no group misses, even when it rains!

A bet that seems to please you since opening, the venue received an average of 100 to 150 people per event. customers?

They are “old people, young people, families, neighbours, locals from neighboring villages, people from Nantes and even tourists passing by, from Loire by bike.

Here, people come to relax, and have a good time listening to music in a beautiful shaded setting,” explains Philip, glad that the place brings together all generations.

local products

By the number and variety of groups proposed, Guinguette de la Pierre-percée is the only one in the territory that offers three concerts per week, all of which are free.

On the bar and catering aspect, it depends on the guinguette local products.

The white organic beer and Ipa come from La Trompe Souris, a craft brewery in La Divatte, located just a stone’s throw away.

local wines; From barbeque (Dominique Peigné) for Muscadet and Varenne for Malvasia.

In the spirit of exploration, the place also provides a gateway to other wines from around the world with a selection of Argentine wines.

Genuette Pierre Percy
The place is open from Wednesday to Sunday. © HSM

For nibbles, plates of Charcuterie from Divatte-sur-Loire and cheese (from 8 to 12 euros).

As well as sausage or vegetable pancakes (5 and 6.50 euros). The Pierre-Percée Guinguette will open at the end of June, booth and stage on September 25.

before reopening for summer 2023.

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