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Steven Spielberg’s cult quartet arrived this month on Prime Video. The opportunity to return to 7 tales related to an epic that certainly marked the history of cinema, while waiting for the fifth part, in 2023!

Skillfully explained scar!

Whip, hat and chin scar: these are the three characteristics of Indiana Jones. The latter is actually a sequel to the actor’s car accident. She is often covered in makeup in other Harrison Ford films, but she is nonetheless very present in the franchise. So the text found his story.

The opening scene of Episode III, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, shows us a flashback of the then-teenage hero and his avatar of the late River Phoenix. By first breaking his legendary whip in front of a lion, he opens his chin, indicating the presence of the mark on his face for the rest of the saga!

The most influential dog in Hollywood

How can we talk about Indiana Jones without mentioning the friendship between director Steven Spielberg and Star Wars creator George Lucas? In The Adventurer’s Formation, the two directors search for a name, and agree to use George Lucas’ dog name: Indiana.

This Alaskan Malamute also inspired another cult character a few years ago, Chewbacca, the sidekick of Han Solo played by… Harrison Ford. full circle !

Close bond with a famous French speaking hero

During the European promotion of Raiders of the Lost Ark, French journalists emphasized the similarity of Indiana Jones to Tintin. Unbeknownst to him, Steven Spielberg immediately devoured all the volumes and became a fan to the point of purchasing the film rights to the comic strip in 1983.

If The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn were released in cinemas 28 years later, the Belgian reporter’s influence was immediate in writing Le Temple maudit. The character of the Maharaja is directly inspired by the work of Hirji.

Snapshot was not in the text!

It is one of the most famous scenes of the entire quartet. While he is prey to an Egyptian mercenary hired to disrupt his plans, an archeology professor draws his sword. As we anticipate an epic duel, he grabbed his rifle and sent the case in seconds.

Originally planned, the skilfully designed and orchestrated fight scene at the last minute was done by Harrison Ford himself. The actor already suffered from violent dysentery, which forced him to make several round trips in his convoy. A setback led to this rhythmic face-to-face show, with an unforgettable comedic effect.

Hectic first day

Alfred Molina (Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2) lands his first Hollywood set role with Raiders of the Lost Ark: Realizing a Dream.

But without knowing that his first scene is perhaps one of the most difficult of his career: the one in which a group of live tarantulas climbs onto his back. And to add a dose of realism, the breeder has put a female spider in it to arouse the male’s excitement…realism guaranteed!

A trick to ward off bad luck

Schindler’s 1993 masterpiece also notes that Steven Spielberg, the son of a Jewish World War II veteran, knows how to organize the Third Reich, despite the difficult challenge.

In the third installment of Indiana Jones, the scene of the Nazi “auto-da-fé” collecting hundreds of extras in military uniforms was a blood-drenched affair. That’s why the director asked the extras to put their fingers behind their backs to avoid any guilt.

A scene you’ll never see the same way again

In 1989, Steven Spielberg fulfilled his teenage dream of directing Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. But the famous James Bond of the 1960s can sometimes stray from the refinement of a British spy…

paramount pictures

While filming the scene where the heroes are sitting on a blimp, the late actor didn’t hesitate to take off his pants in order to battle the heat of the set. To follow suit, Harrison Ford naturally did the same. It’s impossible to see the scene again without imagining the two friends in their underwear!

Find the Indiana Jones quartet now on Prime Video.

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