Beijing Express: The big winners of Season 16 are…

This season of the Beijing Express marks the return of celebrities, as does Season 6, who this time invite a close friend or family member to share the adventure with. These six teams of Then the celebrities set out to discover Sri Lanka. they play For the benefit of the association that were previously specified.

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exist 6 teams on this Beijing Express adventure. The first team consisted of Rachel Legrain-Trapani, Miss, and Valentin, her partner, who decided to play for the Accolade Association. Ines Rieg, the new star, and Anise, her older sister, make up the second team and play in Utopia 56. The third team playing is Valerie Trierweiler, former first lady of France, accompanied by her best friend Karen. They decide to play for the Secours Populaire Association. Xavier Domergue and Yoann Riou, from The Unknowns, play for the Wonder Augustine and SNSM societies. Only Riad al-Muthir and his close friend Abdullah decided to play for the Les Determined Society. The latter team consists of Théo Curin, the swimming champion, and Anne, his agent. This team plays for the Autour des Williams Association.

Summary of the first three phases of the Beijing Express

All Beijing Express teams start the race as soon as they leave Negombo Airport. They have to walk to Lake Negombo to find it The sign prohibiting driving. So it was on the difference Paddle 5 km to the other side and start hiking. A good start to an adventure that can be very complex both physically and emotionally. During the first stage, the six teams had to travel 231 km to reach Trinquimalai. Rachel and Valentine are the first to arrive at the Trinquemalay Temple, and thus win their first adventure amulet worth €3,000.

During the second stage, they must travel 229 km to reach the city of Kandy. Yoann and Xavier’s team had to face Shamila, a Sri Lankan woman and her fish basket, as they were last in the previous stage. So Rachel and Valentine won the second stage by arriving first and winning a new amulet worth €3,000. The two teams that must face each other are Riyad and Abdullah who finished last. They decide to face Theo and Ann’s team. After this intense duel, Theo and Ann are the first to be eliminated.

The length of the third station of the Beijing Express is 214 km. Getting first to the film studios, Valérie Trierweiler and Karine won an amulet of 3,000 euros. Riyad and Abdullah finally arrive. They have the option of a final duel between Rachel and Valentine or Ines and Anais. Their choice is unexpected. In fact, they find it very challenging and therefore they decide to give up the race and quit the adventure.

Summary of the other steps

For the fourth stage of the Beijing Express, the four teams must travel to Kitulgala, located 219 km away. Anis and Ines took first place and won the €3,000 mascot. On the other hand, Karen and Valerie arrive last and embark on the last duel. They decide to play against Xavier and Yuan. Valerie finds her teammate Karen first and thus qualifies for the semi-finals. Thus Xavier and Yoann are eliminated from the adventure.

For the fifth and penultimate stage, the remaining three teams must go to Panadura, a town 170 kilometers away. Ines and Anna arrive first on the first mission. They won an amulet of 3000 euros. During the second mission, Valerie and Karen were the first to arrive. They won an amulet of 3000 euros. In the last sprint towards Pandora, Rachel and Valentine arrive first. They won the last amulet worth 3000 euros. Then Valerie and Karen finally arrived. They choose the last black envelope in play, bringing them into their possession. After opening the envelopes. Valerie and Karen Find out that they have a filter envelope. This has been the case since the first sprint sprint. Then they are eliminated from the Beijing Express adventure. However, they received €9,000 for their association.

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that’s whenInas and Anais Participate in the final side by side Rachel and Valentine. Only the final stage remains tonight. It is made up of 3 medium sprints. A harrowing journey awaits them and you will then test the understanding of their group. The pair will be on the verge of collapse. At this point, there More giftsAnd we will witness a fierce struggle for him Final Enemy.

This Wednesday, August 10, Stefan Rottenberg sets a date at 9:10 p.m. on the M6 ​​for the grand finale. The latter is likely to be overheating. Singles pairs are Inès and Anaïs as well as Rachel and Valentin. And the The big winners of this 16-and-a-half season are… Ines Reg and Anais!

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