Britney Spears secretly filmed by her children, Kevin Federline continues his attacks

While Britney Spears has responded to her previous accusations of Kevin Federline regarding his relationship with her two sons, the latter posted two videos of the star that were secretly filmed several years ago.

While giving a TV interview, Kevin Federline publicly reignited his war against Britney Spears. In the first excerpts published by the “Daily Mail”, the ex-husband of the star explained that their two sons refused to see her for several months and chose not to attend her last wedding. Preston and Jaden, both teenagers, were upset seeing her nude photos posted on Instagram. Apparently, these public secrets did not satisfy the singer, who was freed from her father’s guardianship only nine months ago, and who has since been trying to rebuild her life away from the pressures of the media. She initially responded by sharing her grief at seeing her ex-husband – for whom she pays very exorbitant child support – unravel family issues for all to see.

In a new post published on Wednesday, Britney Spears spoke again, lamenting the sometimes very difficult situation of her sons. “I know it’s not easy to have teens in the house, but nonetheless,” she commented, sometimes calling them “mean and hated.” “When they came to see me, they would go straight to their room and lock themselves in,” she added, before continuing to decry the environment in which Kevin Federline raised her, while pretending to be the perfect father. “I can guarantee you there’s more marijuana in this house than Ludacris, 50 Cent, Jay Z, and Puff Daddy all together.” A sentence that could make you smile if the “Baby One More Time” translator herself didn’t have to stay away from any illegal substance before and during her will, at the risk of permanently losing the right to see her children. “During my tenure I have had to become a saint despite all the pain I have suffered from being forced to remain silent. I have paid for my past mistakes, and more than once. In this same text, she confesses that she undoubtedly made mistakes with her sons.” No I know what’s going on in their heads. I tried, and I tried again, maybe that’s why they don’t want to come on anymore. I wanted them to like me so much that I probably overdid it.

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Kevin Federline Reply

Naturally, Kevin Federline didn’t wait long before responding to the star. The former dancer, turned DJ, and father of six children from three different women, posted on Instagram two videos that were secretly filmed by Britney Spears’ children several years ago. “I can’t sit back and let my sons get accused like this after what they’ve been through. Although it hurts, we decided as a family to publish these videos that my boys took when they were 11 and 12. And they’re not the worst. The lies should stop. Our children grow up better than that.”

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In the first video, Britney Spears asked them to “respect her when they’re under her roof.” Apparently the controversy began because the singer wanted to put the cream on her son’s face, explaining to him that his skin was dry. “It’s time to start treating me like a woman of value. I’m a woman we agreed that respects me.” In the second, she was in the car with the boys and angry because one of them decided to walk barefoot in the snow while they were in Alaska. To punish him, she confiscated his cell phone. “You’ve lost your mind. I’m shocked, I don’t know what to do with you. She says, ‘Your brother’s feet are bleeding from snow, and you think that’s normal.'” One of the boys replied, ‘My mom will just take my phone because I’m not wearing shoes, I’m not a kid.’ But it seems that These two scenes posted online are really turning on Kevin Federline.The majority of netizens don’t think she’s just a mother trying to educate her kids, but filming and posting stolen videos is against California law.

The growing tension between Britney Spears, her sons and her ex-husband, does not date back to today. When he was 13 years old in 2020, Jayden took to his Instagram account to shoot a live video. Against more subscribers, he promised to provide details about his mother’s life. Comparing his father to Jesus, he especially noted the fact that the star wants to stop the music. “Actually, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her make music. I don’t know, man. I remember saying to her once, ‘Mom, what’s going on with your music?’ And she said, ‘I don’t know, honey.’ I wonder if I’m going to stop everything.” And I was like, “What? what are you talking about? Do you know how much money you make from this?” It seems to give reason to Britney Spears advocates who accuse Kevin Federline of taking advantage of his fortune to live a good life without having to work. He said, “Boys are very smart, they will soon be 18 to make their own decisions and may They eventually realize that the ‘hard’ part was being a father role model who hasn’t worked much in over 15 years.” Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asgari privately posted on Instagram this week. Adding: “Kevin’s lifestyle will soon be over, which probably explains The timing was chosen to make these hurtful statements.” A reference to the fact that his wife may not soon have to pay a stipend to her ex.

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What’s next for this ad?

In his interview, which will soon be broadcast on ITV News, Kevin Federline stands by Jimmy Spears, believing that guardianship saved Britney Spears’ life. He hopes his sons will be able to bond with him again, once his restrictive order is lifted. “I welcome him with open arms. Especially if that’s what the boys want. I have nothing against him, people get it wrong. But Jayden said of him in his live book published in 2020: ‘He’s rather a dirty crook. He might go and die.” Kevin Federline said, “I know he feels bad about all this, but the boys have forgiven him.” Jimmy Spears is under investigation after his daughter’s guardianship. He may have to pay her thousands of dollars.

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