exclusive. “Is Paris burning? »Restored in 4K at the Lumière de Lyon

against’it’s real French turnout An Old-Fashioned Who Will Experience New Youth: The Big-Breaking Story Behind the Scenes of the Liberation of Paris by Allied Powers, August 19-25, 1944, Is Paris burning? By René Clément It will be shown in a fully restored version in 4K, exclusively during 14e A copy of the Lumière Festival, in Lyon, scheduled for October 15-23. Under the supervision of Studio Paramount and American Zoetrope, Francis Ford Coppola (co-author of the film’s screenplay), this rejuvenating treatment required six months of work and patient reconstruction, and the film’s original negative image is completely gone. A crucial piece of this massive puzzle has been patiently reconstructed through the collaborative work of Paramount and James Mukosky, Coppola’s close collaborating archivist and artistic supervisor on this unprecedented restoration: a truncated copy of the missing negative, found by the American studio team and then completed by others. The same elements are taken from minus 3e Generation in order to reconfigure the original assembly of Is Paris burning? Thus, the film will be shown in its original version, which has a duration of 173 minutes (2 hours and 53 minutes).

Released on October 28, 1966 on French screens, this 14e Feature Film by René ClémentRailroad battle, forbidden games, bright sun…) at the time by Paramount as a counterattack after the victory, in 1962 over Fox’s rival, from longest day, Major on the Allied landings in Normandy. With an army of stars and a stunning cinematic show, Clément’s fresco, a French-American co-production shot in D.C., adapted the bestselling book of the same name, published by Robert Lafont in 1964 and signed by journalists Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre. Besides Alain Delon (nicknamed Jacques Chaban-Delmas, national military delegate to General de Gaulle at that time), Bruno Cramer (Colonel Rolle Tanguy, FFI chief in Paris), Jean-Paul Belmondo (resisting Yves Morandat) or Jean-Pierre Cassel (Lieutenant Karcher) and many others (Jean-Louis Trentinant, Yves Montand, Michel Piccoli, Leslie Caron…Festival!), poster Is Paris burning? Full of cosmopolitan stars: German Geert Fropp (better known as General von Choltitz), Kirk Douglas (Lieutenant General Patton), Robert Stack (Brigadier Seibert) or Orson Welles as Swedish Consul Raoul Nordling. This true commercial attack tank, which is the main cartridge for Paramount, was a real popular success in France (with over four million entries), but it was also a stinging defeat at the American box office.

Incredible crew, logistical surplus

Is Paris burning? He was above all the subject of many political and historical issues. Distributed at the beginning of Charles de Gaulle’s second term, at a time when most of the heroes of the Battle of Paris were still alive, the film describes the strategic rivalries between the Gaullists embodied by Chabane-Delmas and the Communists led by Rolle Tanguy (who was a historical advisor to the group). Each of the many script rewrites had to take into account the sensitivities of both camps, not necessarily in the service of facts. And since 1966, the public display of events on screen, located in a straight line to idealize the French Resistance, has been demolished by other historians. Starring Dietrich von Schultez, he will also be a legend. In the script of the trio of Jean Aurich, Pierre Post and Claude Brolet, completed by the American duo Gore Vidal/Francis Ford Coppola, the German general is described as the man who refused to carry out Hitler’s direct order to demolish the capital before his arrival. of the allied forces. A version of the facts is largely based on the testimony of von Schultze (with whom the authors of the book met), but it is difficult to confirm it again. Several administrative archives declassified since the 2000s have also convinced many experts of the inaccuracy of this beautiful story.

However: with its amazing cast, logistical overkill, great background, and very real cinematic characteristics despite the “who’s who” aspect, Is Paris burning? (a question whose origin is explained in the last minutes of the film) remains the focus of French cinema. For James Mukosky, to whom we owe the artistic supervision of the reconfigurations of many of Coppola’s masterpieces (Apocalypse Now, my favouritetriple Spiritual father…), it was decided to restore the Clément classics in coordination with Andrea Kalas, Head of Archives at Paramount: “The idea came on the heels of restoring Spiritual father. We were looking for another Francis Ford Coppola related movie to work together and Paris… been imposed. It was an important experience for Francis, in a period very formative for him: in the 1960s, he also wrote a screenplay baton with who Is Paris burning?Will prepare him to make his epic war movie in ten years: End of the world now. »

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Interesting details: Several archival photos can be identified over the course of the year Is Paris burning? It has also been restored. A decision justified by James Mukosky as follows: “Many critics of the period stated that these images were intended to be incorporated into the film. So we also restored these plans, but we tried to do it as authentically as possible. The two soundtracks will also be reworked – English version And the original French version. We don’t know yet which one will be shown at the Lumiere Festival. Nor how Paramount will make use of this new version of the saga, in theaters as well as on DVD/Blu-ray, after previewing in Lyon. Anyway, James Mockoski promises a 4K restoration that offers an experience Unprecedented for René Clément Do we dare add that we burn with impatience to discover it?

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