Pyrénées-Orientales: Under the supervision of Epicure, Pellicu-Live will take the podium from 1 to 3 September

The Pellicu-live Festival will bring the Villa Palauda de Thuir back to life from 1 to 3 September. Cinema, music, gastronomy and fine wine, this is the pitch of this second edition.

Belico-Live, the second! The second catch of the exotic bird at the summer festivals of the Oriental Pyrenees, which will take place this year on September 1, 2 and 3 in the Palauda de Thuyer Park.

The event, co-organised by the couple Anaïs and François-Xavier Demaison and Frontera Productions (Les Déferlantes, Live au Campo and Bacchus), blends music, cinema and gastronomy. Last year, in its first phase, Pellicu-Live frankly surprised festival-goers. Because it is built like a gathering of a group of friends. “But that’s what we really didFrançois-Xavier Demaison admits. We wanted to combine what we love: music, good food, good wine, cinema and friends“.

All these representatives will be planted for three days in the gardens of Villa Palauda. Every evening, on stage, François-Xavier Demaison will lead the main cinema lessons. The audience will be able to attend and discuss on September 1 with Christophe Baratier (director of films Les Choristes or Faubourg 36), on September 2 with actor Arnaud Ducret, and on Saturday 3 September with actress Melissa Dregerd and director Audrey Dana (Under the Skirts Girls). “Arnaud Ducret is a typical example of a friend who came to the first edition, just to discover the place and who said to me, “Next year I want to go on stage.” We can only be so happy‘, says François-Xavier Demaison.

Gilles Goujon, Pierre Auge and World Champion of Catalan Sausage

On stage, before giving way to music, the leaders of the orchestras will shine a light. Denny Embroisi, Juan Arbelaiz, and Julian Depuy will crack the boards in this second edition. They will be accompanied, every evening, by a famous madman. Gilles Goujon on Thursday 1 September, Julien Hermida on Friday 2 and Pierre Augé on Saturday 3.Every evening, they will cook live from the castle platform, under the public eye. They will take clerks from the spectatorsreveals Anaïs Demaison. Last year, some festival-goers told us about their frustration at not being able to sample the chefs’ creations. This year, chefs will have their own food cart and everyone will be able to buy their own for a few eurosA revolutionary people will be represented at Palauda, ​​notably by the presence of Bistrot Verquin, CHEESE tasters, and Thibault Gonzales, who was elected as the first world champion in Catalan sausage.

Finally the music! On Thursday, the evening will be very Catalan. Medellin balbino will sing his poem to Perpignan. Kali will make a unique show. His carte blanche, he will share with Michal Kwiatkowski, Anne Sylla, who was revealed on The Voice, and Michaël Gregorio, the man with hundreds of votes. Kendji will close the party. On Friday, watch out, eclecticism is in sight. Trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf calls his band, which always includes a hidote orchestra. Copper will resonate intensely in Palauda Park. Rapper Perpignan Nameer also has the right to invite his crew on stage. His options will be discovered on D-Day. After the crazy killer bazooka, worn by Mikael Yoon in 2021, it’s the screaming DJ Big Ali who will be making a comeback this year. Last night Deluxe, Jaguar Joeystarr and Tayc will have to finish in style. Filmed by Dennitsa Ekonomova and Jed Girup, will be organizing a flash mob. And like last year, disguise is mandatory last night. Or, at least, highly recommended.

Free screenings and a Pellicu-live award for a short film

This year, on Friday September 2, a jury made up of François-Xavier Demaison, Arnaud Ducreet, Christophe Baratier, Melissa Dregerd, Audrey Dana and Stephane de Grodt will award the Bellico Life Short Films Prize. Winner out of 50 previously watched films. The winning short film will be broadcast the same evening during the Masters class.
On August 30 and 31, as part of the festival, “Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown”, Le Temps des Secrets and Divorce Club will be shown at the Thuir Theater for free screenings.

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