[Série À l’intérieur d’un tube] “Watte Cotton”, a summer hit by the cold of spring

What would summer vacation be without the songs of summer, those songs that go out on the radio, that we sing at the top of our voice and that make us dance until the end of the night? duty It takes you on a musical and ephemeral journey (to rediscover) these songs that have marked our holidays.

Could an ordinary phrase from everyday life become one of Quebec’s biggest successes? Of course yes, you will answer all the gang members in denim and in Bleu Jeans Bleu. As proof: they are now popular harlotryEarworms celebrate the comfort of softness, whose success was as resounding as the unexpected in the summer of 2019, when it was more time for a Hawaiian shirt.

“We were in Hampton Beach, my girlfriend and I. It was cold,” recalls singer Mathieu Lafontaine (pseudonym Claude Cobra), in an interview with duty. I lent him a swaddle. I saw her face when she put it on, and then said, ‘Hello! Are you okay in your cotton shirt? The sentence sounded so good in his ears that the artist imagined himself singing it on stage.

“You know, it’s not a message of unity or hope,” it’s just a matter of “voice,” he points out. And this is the case for all the other songs of the group. examples? I ate a lot of french friesAnd the do you like oneAnd the my back hair removalAnd the I spoil you all clothes. Every time something that sounds fun is said, the discussion always ends with ‘Ah! We must agree to that! “

The expressions of everyday life, shot in a restaurant, on a street corner or at a party, are for him a fleeting inspiration that must be captured on the fly before composing songs. “Then, the big task is how do I give myself a coherent path to say this sentence in tune,” he identifies.


But if the recipe is always more or less the same, how do you explain success in particular harlotry ? “People adopted it quickly because it’s not as complex as the lyrics. And they say it all the time: “Hey, are you doing a fret?” Analyst, little sociologist, Mathieu Lafontaine.” You can also sing the chorus even if you sing like a rattle because there is no tone You just say it and you will succeed. »

The timing It may also have something to do with it. “Did you drop the license exactly when the world needed it?” A spring of nonsense as he was still worried. If we had just taken it out in a nice warm spring, would it have worked? He wonders.

(Re) Listen to the clip harlotry:

And then, with over 15 million views on YouTube, it’s hard not to make a direct link with his popular music video and choreography. « C’est parce que le buzz Internet est arrivé que tout le monde a décidé de passer la toune à la radio », note Mathieu Lafontaine, racontant que beaucoup d’enfants se sont mis à danser devant leur écran pour pas de produire les Collection. harlotry It also made its way to Quebec schools to become the year-end show’s song, or even a subject of rehearsal in French lessons.

sudden success

specific thing, harlotry Put Bleu Jeans Bleu on the map. Thanks to this song, many fans discovered the quartet and their outfits in jeans, believing that the album Perfecto – Released in 2019 – It was their debut. but not. It was the third after that golden haute couture In 2013, the honestly wow In 2016. “People didn’t listen to this song because it was Bleu Jeans Bleu, but Bleu Jeans Bleu became what it is largely thanks to this song,” the singer insists.

We had to wait cotton hoodie So that the Rs of Claude Cobra and the infamous look of his band can establish themselves in the Quebec music scene.

Did they expect such a huge success? “It was clear to us that it was a special tune on the album, a special mistake. I saw the potential for ear worms, he says. I think we were aware that it could be all or nothing. But ‘everything’ we imagined was probably 10% of what We really tested it.”

Here he is referring to the Gala de l’ADISQ 2019, during which Bleu Jeans bleu was crowned Group of the Year title.

When it was time to go on stage to receive their award, their peers in the room sang harlotry in unison. “It’s like that year everyone said, ‘Okay, take it, it’s yours.'” […] It was as if our surroundings were saying: “You are in Gang“.”

A particularly strong and satisfying moment for the group, which had to independently release its albums, because there was no record company ready to produce them.

Another unforgettable moment thanks harlotry Sing with Celine Dion on the Bell Center Stage. Celine just did it showto sing his classics […] And she started singing our song. Bell Center began singing with her. I said to myself at that moment: “Everyone here knows the melody?! But let’s see that it’s the same big thing! It can’t be!” […] We joined him on stage. It was a very powerful three minutes. It just exploded, it was epic! »

Observers will note: three years passed between the releases of each of the group’s albums. coincidence or The method of work ? Mathieu Lafontaine leaves the question open with a small smile. Time will tell.

One thing is for sure, the band can’t wait to get back on stage and try not to put too much pressure on themselves to release their next composition. harlotry It is and will always be unique, a truly timeless young classic that will surely find its place in Saint-Jean festivities in the near future.

So it is indisputable to try to repeat such success. “The rest of us just want to keep making music. The best we can do, that’s what we’re going to get out of.”

Your ear worms!

We’d love to know your favorite summer hit, which forever marked you, and the reasons why it was “the best”. We’ll compile your answers into a list of the most popular and publish some testimonials that support these choices. Write to us at amegaudreau@ledevoir.com.


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