The chain puts the key under the door (and that’s fine)

This Wednesday, August 10, is a comeback lock and key for the last time. Unfortunately for Netflix, the magic no longer works with Season 3 of lock and key. That’s it, by seeing the same trick three times, we understood the trick. We are no longer really fans. We watched the new rush of episodes and the judgment is harsh. Season 3 would have been better kept locked up in Netflix’s drawers. Find out without further delay our review of Season 3 of lock and keyAnd the No spoiler warranty. Note, however, that the material in this article may be from this season’s summaries and trailers.

Locke & Key (Season 3): Editorial review

But where is the key to Locke & Key’s success?!

After the promise-filled first season in February 2020, we were a little disappointed when we found out about the second season of lock and key last fall. Yes, unfortunately, this series of episodes came up with a fairly good mention. If we’ve been wishing the final season came to level up, we’ve got bad news…

You know the expression “We take the same thing and start over” where “Here we go again” ? Well, Netflix has taken them seriously. If it can work with Umbrella Academyit failed with lock and key. Like Tyler Locke at the end of Season 2, Netflix seems to have forgotten about the magic. Snap! You have…

If we can accept reusing the same recipe, over and over, in a given string, it doesn’t work at all with lock and key. For the simple good reason that the protagonists do not learn from their mistakes. No, it’s not an arrangement of similar events that follow each other in spite of themselves. The problems they (always) have are (always) their fault.

One would think that after two seasons of battling demonic entities who would do anything to seize their famous magic keys, The Lockes realized that you should be careful and not play with them unconsciously. Unfortunately, these are not the best forged keys of the bunch…. And this naivety, if it can be touching, is actually very annoying. Which means the viewer finds it really hard to feel sympathy or even minimal sympathy for the family. The acting isn’t enhancing this season and the dialogues are really hollow.

If this is more of a teen series, we are still very disappointed to see the disastrous development of lock and key Which, without making the series a Netflix staple, had its first season, contains some great ideas. The platform seems to have lost its way, unfortunately. But hey, we’ll get through it.

As for the positive points of this third season of lock and key, which are really few, we stress the rather nice credits and the special effects aren’t too bad. And despite it all, we still had a (small) hint of wanting to know how this whole series would turn out. But it’s really the story of being able to close the chapter…

Finally, lock and key You finally return the keys and we must keep the warranty on damage done during this latest season.

Sometimes it’s good that a series ends – and this is the last season of lock and key You wouldn’t make us say otherwise. Since the first episode, the same characters, though full of tragedies and traumas that were supposed to change in previous seasons, get their hands on the boiling tray without thinking. And hit it, it happened…

That doesn’t mean the series isn’t going to be entertaining: fans lock and key Whoever loves the sequence “Discover a new key, here’s the lock, let the adventure begin” will always find their account, that’s for sure. But the contradictions just mentioned are so obvious that they have become, in our opinion, almost comical.

Starting a story is always complicated, especially when it comes to shooting a new story in a two season span that has already been pulling the concept to its limits. This third season lacks a stunt that would recreate the interest, the suspense and the dream – which would have really made this season shine alongside the others.

Instead, season 3 of lock and key It certainly presents us with an aesthetically successful, and sometimes fun, scene. But all lacks, in our opinion, a story that truly deserves the final season. So all you have to do is form your own opinion of the season…if you stick to the end.

Locke & Key – Season 3

Locke & Key Season 3 Poster


  • Fantastic special effects
  • visually pleasing

We love less

  • hollow heroes
  • flat representation
  • repetitive plot

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