Bad news for all fans of the slam host, France 2 has dropped it!

The Slam host was flooded by France 2 with one of its emissions omitted. Cyril Ferro will not be “amazing” anymore.

A well-known young host Cyril Ferro has made a name for himself with two leading shows in France 2. Among these are Slam, the most popular, but also unthinkable and Lotto.

However, the program presented by him in collaboration with Jean-Marc Geniro will not be renewed. We give you more details in this article!

This is the end of the amazing Cyril Ferro and Jean-Marc Gennero

Creating a new show is no small feat, especially when you think about it It should attract the attention of the audience. How many programs should be canceled due to lack of audience? This is particularly the case for Plus belle la vie. And this time, it was an offer turn from Cyril Féraud to pay for the requirement.

In fact, since its inception, Spectacular has never convinced the audience. Since it first aired, in 2020, the show has seen a catastrophic mass numbers. In the first season, it is hosted by one presenter. I’m Jean-Marc Le Genro. However, after a disappointing viewing rate, the production decided to bring young Cyril Ferro to the scene.

This is how Spectacular Season 2 is presented by animators. However, this had no effect on the ratings. Yes, it seems that even you enter The most popular host for France 2 Failed to change status. Therefore, production has no choice but to abort the program.

After these two disastrous outcomes, the channel has no alternative but to cancel the show. Thus, Cyril Ferro is obligated to give up this love program. In fact, when he was offered the offer, he did not try to hide his enthusiasm. I like it! France 3 has been hosting the Monte Carlo Circus Festival for ten years, and France 2 was inspired by that.

Absolutely amazing criticized by the audience

First of all, it should be noted that even if the program was inspired by the Festival du cirque de France 3, It was an original creation From France 2. For this reason, it is difficult for the channel to separate from it. This is exactly what France Télévisions’ director of entertainment said during her interview. However, this is always the case when we finish a program that production is interested in.

Because in fact, Spectacular has inspired the producers and all of the animators. Therefore, they all invested a lot in this offer. This was justified by the intervention of the 30-year-old host Cyril Feraud. after this Failed to save offer. In addition, Alexandra Red Amell was sad to announce the news on the RTL microphone.

In fact, she was the guest of the series on May 14. During the conversation, she can’t help but bring up the touching topic. Thus, the entertainment program is guaranteed Spectacular won’t last anymore. The first reason is the low viewership, just over two million viewers. Far fewer expectations.

But that’s not all, this program presented by Cyril Féraud has also been the subject of many criticisms. Be it from the audience or other personalities. We can, for example, cite Patrick Sebastian, who made Reconciliation of the show with an old program in which he participated. This is the biggest nightclub in the world. Aired from 1998 and ended in 2019. What a coincidence with the start of Spectacular!

A new project on the horizon with Cyril Feraud?

At this time, Cyril Ferro was not the right man for the job. Indeed, finally, France Télévisions’ entertainment director rejoiced, “It’s over, she hasn’t met her audience.” Witnessed the complexity of the decision-making process. However, note that this decision It does not in any way injure the jobs of the bidders.

In fact, this does not mean that Cyril Ferro or Jean-Marc Geniro will be fired. It’s the amazing show ending and not the run of the hosts of France 2. You can always find him in the different shows that made him famous! Hassan There is no new project No contact yet…at the moment!

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