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The last hero of the drama

Something wonderful is outdated Lal Singh Chadha. At a time when Indian cinema is excited about violent action movies like Vikram where KGF: Chapter 2Director Advit Chandan tries to reignite the flame of a great emotional melodrama. In an era that intrusive propaganda films such as nausea Kashmir filesWe are here with A story river whose human scope appears from another time.

After a visually impaired feature film, Chandan is gaining maturity for this second attempt. This time, his stage was elegant. Without looking for the ingenuity of Indian director Robert Zemeckis Our students are amazed by photographing all the splendor of Indian landscapes. It’s also based on Pritam’s great score, which delivers an album again after the time is up. Away from the musical aspect of the sixties to the eighties that was characterized by forrest gumpin Lal Singh ChadhaThe music follows in the footsteps of the golden age of Bollywood.

Lal Singh Chadha: photoI’m talking to you about a time, that those under 30…

To do such a risky venture at arm’s length, Looks like Aamir Khan is the right man for this job. Known for his perfection and experimentation, he is a gorgeous star and actor who is highly respected by even the most demanding critics. to Lagan to me Basanti rank passing by 3 idiots And the KPHis film is full of the classics that have marked the history of Indian cinema.

We clearly feel his passion for a project that he has produced and to which he has dedicated four long years. But good intentions are not enough. Lal interprets as a cartoon : bulging eyes, permeating each sentence with a husky, high-pitched voice. A cartoon game that evokes his role in it KP. But if Rajkumar Hirani’s satirical comedy gives way to transgression by its deliberately silly style, Lal Singh Chadha He wants to be more serious.

Especially since the young Ahmed Bin Omar, who plays Lal as a child, gives a precise and disciplined performance. This contrast with Aamir Khan not only creates a disconnect in the main character, but above all gives The impression that the actor does not play on the same record as the rest of the actors. It is difficult to understand how this talent was misused.

Lal Singh Chadha: photoWho says kids can’t act?

the end of the world for

However, there are many exciting ideas in Lal Singh Chadha. Its main difference with its American model comes from the political context. forrest gump Not done in a hurry. Furthermore, the film often flirted with some conservatism, and frankly flaunts good American values. Lal Singh Chadha For her part, she was born at a more turbulent time. presents A political read that is as disturbing as it is stimulating.

The film’s greatest achievement is its choice to embrace this radical difference in purpose through an exploration of Indian history. In the first half of the story, we depart a lot from the original movie by going back to the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the 1999 armed conflicts in Kashmir or the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. All of these parts of the story serve as a A reflection of modern India more fractured and violent than ever before.

Lal Singh Chadha: photoLal is going to war

Far from being a cliched melodrama that uses the history of the country only as a simple narrative ploy, Lal Singh Chadha He confronts Indian society with its demons. Distinctions between regions and communities, tensions exacerbated by religions. No wonder the movie is so controversial in IndiaBetween calls for a boycott and vitriolic criticism of Hindu leaders. Behind his false naivety, Lal openly criticizes the dominant ideology with a call for unity that is unfortunately seen as an affront to the opposition.

Beyond the religious and societal tensions that are at the heart of the matter, Lal Singh Chadha It also deals with the issue of domestic violence and cases of femicide. A complete rewrite of Jenny as Rupa turns the questionable feature character into A deeper and more complex journey. Bollywood’s old demons have also been touched upon, including the film industry’s relationship with Daoud Ibrahim in the 1990s.

Lal Singh Chadha: photoRun for resistance

Like a box of gulgaba

The challenge in the movie wasn’t to stick so much to the movie’s model. Coupled with a radically different theme that forced him to walk away from him, he still had to maintain that gap throughout the rest of the story. find in Lal Singh Chadha plenty A somewhat mischievous and thoughtful leak A cult sequence that is difficult to recreate.

Saying about boxes of chocolate becomes a reflection on golgappa. The story does not take place in a park, but on a train, a central place of life in India and above all a place that is particularly used in Bollywood. nice way to To claim another cinephilia. A metaphor for the Indian public’s love for long stories, the train passengers are getting more and more and they all keep clinging to Lal’s lips. The total opposite of passersby who followed each other without running inside forrest gump.

Lal Singh Chadha: photoChanging the scene that makes sense

But The film’s limit will remain the duty of sincerity. Indian history is so full of tragic events that the perils of the underlying scenario sometimes seem very uninspiring. A typical example is the sequence in which Lal runs for the first time to escape from his classmates. in forrest gumpWe feel the joy and liberation of the character. in Lal Singh ChadhaThis moment comes right after a clip about the bloody riots of 1984 and it looks like needlessly dramatic.

Screenwriter Atul Kulkarni has certainly been driven by the challenge of transformation as he pulls it off with flying colors. However, he feels awkward once he sticks to the script. The second part of the movie proves it: More faithful, but also more uneven and less rhythm. However, once one plunges back into the Indian social and political context, everything becomes normal and exciting again. Far from being a missed date, Lal Singh Chadha He could have earned as much from liberating himself as his hero.

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