The Cordioles holiday has turned into a real nightmare!

Cordioles from large families have had the worst vacation of their lives. Here’s why!

Viewers had the opportunity to discover the Cordules in large families, life in XXL. She is also one of the most followed and appreciated tribesmen on the TV show!

Since their debut, their lovable character has captured the admiration of fans. Cordiol quickly became creative candidates! But unfortunately, the family is currently in the middle of a very big ordeal. It’s about their summer vacation, which seems to have taken a different turn. Find out the rest of the story in the following lines!

Big families: their holidays turned into a nightmare

Cordol Tribe is currently on summer vacation. In large families, the family revealed, life in XXL actually took a few days of relaxation! The fact of living in a media world It can get, in fact, boring in the end. Besides, the main goal of the cordioles was comfort!

But in the end, it turns out that these are currently chaining misfortunes. The Cordule clan quickly tempted the viewers Since their first appearance In large families, life in XXL. It’s my pleasure to see the daily life of these nominees on screen! With her darlings, Justin Cordol are the pillars of the tribe!

The family then completes with seven adorable grandchildren. This tribe of large families, however, follows life in the XXL more closely than one particularly closely. Cordiol does not stop to talk about Whether on the media or on the networks! Moreover, they never miss the opportunity to share new content with their fans in their daily life. Netizens in particular, via their Instagram page, found out about the ordeal that had happened to them recently!

Nobody reminds you that a terrible fire is currently hitting the Gironde! A large fire has already scratched nearly 20,000 hectares. many have evacuated After the massive damage it left. The Cordules, a tribe of large families, who live in XXL, are also victims!

The worst times of their lives

The vacation period of this clan of large families, turned out to be a busy life in XXL. The least we can tell you is that the family knows everything Except for comfort. Between shock, shock, and burglary, July certainly isn’t the best month I’ve known. However, the tribe had no choice but to cancel or end their vacation.

It should be noted that the summer vacation of these participants from large families, life in XXL It didn’t go as planned. In just two weeks, Cordios has already gone through a whole series of ordeals. The fire in the Gironde is the main cause. The bushfires and smoke screens were already enough to shake up any picnic.

Not only did they not feel safe. But his kids were so excited worried about the situation. Which prompted them to change their plan or destination if desired! In fact, this tribe of large families could have gone elsewhere. However, another misfortune happened, which prompted them to put an end to their vacation for good.

It was as if the disturbance in Gironde wasn’t enough to spoil their moment. While the Cordule clan of large families was thinking of looking for another destination, a phone call announced Sad news arrived ! We give you more details in the lines below.

Big Families: Victims of Robbery!

unexpected things more dramatic They showed up! Hardly leaving to enjoy their holidays, the house of this tribe in large families was robbed! A big shock for the family. Although this news destabilized them, they still tried to admire their release.

This getaway obviously makes them happy. However, that was only then Two weeks The candidates of the big families have returned home. They happened to have a family that could handle the situation during the crucial moment. “We made an agent, so they did whatever was necessary,” Justin Cordol said via her Instagram account. At the moment, the family is trying to recover all the items that were stolen!

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