The Gendarme and the Gendarmettes: a shooting spoiled by the health of Louis de Funes and Jean Girault

The comedy “Le Gendarme et les Gendarmettes” is the last film directed by Louis de Funes filmed before his death in 1983. Discover the reverse side of a filming under great tension marked by the death of director Jean Girault.

The Gendarme and the Gendarmettes: The Last of Funès

Released in October 1982, the comedy Gendarmerie and gendarmerie It is the sixth and final film in the Le Gendarme saga, which began in 1964 with Gendarmerie Saint Tropez. Still directed by Jean Girault, the film marks Louis de Funes’ last appearance in cinema before his death in January 1983.

Gendarmerie and gendarmerie
The Gendarme and the Gendarmettes © SNC

For this sixth installment, Cruchot and his team are responsible for welcoming a unit of Four young women in military uniform. The issue is compounded when a computer spying specialist removes, one by one, the new recruits. The brigade of Saint-Tropez must then deploy the treasures of ingenuity to find these women in their care, sometimes at the risk of their lives.

Inspired by the beginnings of the feminization of the national gendarmerie, the film was distinguished above all by an a Too complicated transformation, due to the health problems of her star and manager. The latter will also die before the film ends.

Photography under high surveillance

movie clips Gendarmerie and gendarmerie It started in the spring of 1982 in Saint-Tropez. as he did in miser And the Cabbage soupLouis de Funes is Too involved in production He works closely with Jean Girault. Particularly involved in directing the actors. But his fragile health required major adjustments to the shooting schedule.

In fact, after his double heart attack in 1975, the star actor has to spare himself. Thus, the filming of the film is entirely planned according to its limitations. He can shoot only a few hours a day, interspersed with naps and Night photography is prohibited. His cardiologist is also on the set. He is responsible for measuring his blood pressure before taking and can order him to stop if the scene requires too much effort.

Despite these limitations and declining health, Luis de Funes overflows with energy and surprises the entire team, sometimes ignoring medical recommendations. Photography Gendarmerie and gendarmerie It spreads in Saint-Tropez for more than two months. Unusual length for such a movie.

However, the team fears that Louis de Funes may die at any time. Jean Girol had confided in Michel Galabro that he could leave in the middle of filming.

Jean Girault leaves

If Louis de Funes’ health is a concern, Jean Girault’s condition will soon turn filming upside down. While he had arrived in good shape on the set at the start of shooting, his condition deteriorated a week later. The director loses a lot of weightHe often delegates work to his assistants or second team. Soon he couldn’t move, which prompted the team to put the camera in place. He finally left shooting after the shots in Saint-Tropez, and before those at the Boulogne-Billancourt studio.

The beautiful friendship between Louis de Funes and Jean Girault
The beautiful friendship between Louis de Funes and Jean Girault (Photo by PICOT/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

He was finally taken to the hospital upon his return to Paris and filming continued without him. This is Tony Aboyantz First assistant directorResponsible for continuing to shoot as much as possible. Louis de Funes helped him a lot.

Jean Girault died before the film was completed on July 20, 1982 Consequences of tuberculosis. A disease he had since childhood. Due to its high rate of transmission, the entire team is subject to quarantine and examination. Finally, only one mild case was detected and treated.

Louis de Funes was devastated by the death of his friend. Despite his grief and poor health, he was deeply involved in finishing the film’s editing alongside Tony Aboyantz. Louis de Funes honors Jean Girault during Movie premiere Gendarmerie and gendarmerie in Saint-Tropez in October 1982. He died three months after a new heart attack.

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