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Released a little over two weeks ago on Netflix, Romance took Our Healing Hearts #1 at the top before being unveiled by Day Shift. But the film is at the center of the controversy…

Our Broken Hearts is a romantic drama that was a surprising hit on Netflix, but the film drew a lot of criticism for its portrayal of a love story between a military man and a singer. In the film, Sophia Carson stars as a liberal musician who marries a Marine, played by Nicholas Galtzen, to obtain health insurance to cover her diabetes-related expenses. What was a simple arrangement would lead to a love story.

The film also explores themes of misogyny and racism, which also infuriated many viewers. Sophia Carson and director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum defended the film.

I fell in love with the movie because it’s a love story, but it’s so much more than thatsaid the actress, who is also an executive producer on variety. “They are two hearts, one red and the other blue. Two separate worlds, brought up to hate each other. Through the power of love, they learn empathy and compassion and how to love themselves and turn into that beautiful shade of purple.

Speaking of blue, Sophia Carson appoints Democrats, and red for Republicans. The combination of the two colors gives the color purple from the original title of the movie Purple Hearts. She adds that the filmmakers wanted to accurately show both sides. “What I think I’ve learned to do as an artist is to separate myself from all of that and listen to what the world feels like and how it reacts to the film.

It was beautifully moving and a lot of people felt they saw or relieved from this movie. This is all we wish for as artists‘ concludes the actress.

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Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum pointed out that it is important for the characters to be imperfect at the beginning of the film so that they have room to grow as they grow. “So we intentionally created two characters who were raised to hate each other.‘,” the director explained.

They had flaws early on and that was intentional. For a red heart and a blue heart to turn purple somehow, they have to be somewhat extreme. Some people around them are more imperfect than them‘, she added.

The manager noted that the system ignored Casey Salazar (Sofia Carson) and Luke Moreau (Nicolas Galtzen). “He was wounded in a war that does not seem to end and slips through the cracks of the health system“In these extreme circumstances, the characters,” she noted.Learn to calm themselves, listen to themselves, and love themselves“.

Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum and Sophia Carson also wanted the film to reflect how flawed America is in real life. “I hope anyone who is offended in any way understands that our intentions are so pure, and that is because we believe that people need to grow up and need to become more moderate.‘,” the director explained.

The film received praise for its realistic portrayal of everyday life with type 1 diabetes. Laura Pavlakovich, founder of the “You’re Just Type” podcast, and Dr. Michael Metzger served as medical consultants. A consultant for Medtronic, a medical technology company, was involved and ended up appearing in the film. Sophia Carson has learned how “devastating” it is for diabetics in the United States who cannot afford the treatment they need.

Our Broken Hearts is based on the novel by Tess Wakefield, with a screenplay by Kyle Garrow and Liz W. Garcia. The film was released on July 29 and debuted at number two on the Netflix Top 10 Movies Chart worldwide. In the first full week, between August 1 and August 7, subscribers watched over 102.59 million hours of the movie.

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