All about the unexpected love story between Marie-Soleil Togas and Jean-Claude Luzon

Eager for new knowledge, discoveries, and experiences, Marie-Soleil Togas lives her life to the fullest. Director Jean-Claude Luzon, who is twelve years older than him, has the same predatory appetite. Despite the characters in Antipods, and through a thousand pitfalls, they weave a fragile but sincere love affair. Out of sight, they will live out their love against all odds. Till the end.

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In 1985, at just 32 years old, Jean-Claude Luzon had already spawned a host of advertising campaigns for television, some of them memorable. That year, he launched a series of ads advocating condom use under the slogan “Love It Protects Itself,” on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Services. Karl Marot, who has just been revealed throw a promise, is one of them. Another young actress, barely 16 years old, with whom Luzon is working for the first time. Despite the age difference, Marie-Soleil Togas pleases him.

Throughout the day, the director has been fascinated by the maturity and determination of the teenager, at the same time disturbed by her young age. in the book Marie SoleilPublished by Éditions Stanké, writer Louise Bourbonnes reports that at the end of filming, he assured Sergis Togas that he was watching over his daughter. He replied, “Come close to her, and I will kill you.” Rebellious, Lauzon doesn’t stop himself from setting off for Marie-Soleil: “Come back to see me when you’re 18!”

These exchanges do not give the correct perspective on the dynamic between Marie Sully and Jean-Claude. For its part, adolescence is not indifferent to the charm of the city of Luzon, which is famous for being a darling. According to the people in the group, they show interest in different ways.

Over the following days, they rub shoulders for post-production needs of the advertising message. Then they meet again occasionally on a friendly basis. Years passed, and after dating Alan Shuckett, Marie Sully would be 24 when she sees the director again, by chance, at a restaurant. We’re in 1994. That’s when their love story takes shape.

personal group

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cat and mouse
With the audience, the young actress has an impeccable image, which is amplified by her participation in the Opération Enfant Soleil. The output is completely different. Luzon is a lone wolf with a fiery and unpredictable personality and does not take turns to express his way of thinking. He has a supposedly thug side that is close to perverted. in the show Personal Biography, broadcast on Channel D, Gaston Lepage was completely candid: “Jean-Claude was a very selfish young man. I allow myself to say it because he was my best friend. Marie-Sully was just the opposite.” From the outside, this relationship is archaic at best, and at worst doomed, but the young woman has the side of Mother Teresa. in Personal BiographyLouise Bourbonnet notes: “She said that she had to face a challenge, and that there had to be something to change in the person, or else she would be bored. With Jean-Claude, it was presented to perfection.

Marie Soleil saw the snow, and she knows how to negotiate with such a character, her first lover, Nicholas, who has common features with Jean-Claude. Irresistibly drawn to him, she knows that she must give him all the freedom he asks for if she wants to get close to her. Thus, she knows how to get away in time, before he teaches her without wearing white gloves. Yes, he is surprising and can be harsh in the way he says things. At the same time, he admires the fact that the young woman is independent and organizes herself well without anyone’s help. However, who’s there to tell him…

In general, Luzon cannot express his feelings for her or show any signs of affection. You will suffer from that for most of their relationship. By trusting a friend of the couple that she suspects that he even loves her, she realizes that this indifference is a way to protect himself and avoid getting hurt. However, he doesn’t seem to let his guard down until long into their relationship. in Personal BiographyMarie-Soleil’s mother, Micheline Begin, says: “I had a feeling that, calmly, he was developing a kind of respect for Marie-Soleil that he did not have at first. At first he loved her for himself. In the end, he loved her for her.”

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‘No friend’ sound
Jean-Claude Luzon, a social being like a nature lover, lives in Sutton, far from the cacophony of the city. On weekends, Marie Sully goes there regularly. Find out what is sacred to him and what interests he pursues with his group of friends. If you take him away, their relationship will deteriorate. Then she became interested in hunting and fishing. In 1996, she began getting her pilot’s license. She’s experienced in high-sensitivity activities, and she’s from the time resourcefulVenture into a hot air balloon, parachute, or scuba gear. With Gaston Lepage, she also took off in a hang glider. And what about his adventure? Boyar Castle! So she is experienced to accompany the person she calls “not her boyfriend” in some of her “man activities”. However, she must compromise to keep what is in between. Gaston LeBage puts it this way: “Of course he loved her, but he didn’t just love her, that he wanted to make us understand her, and make him understand too. Whether you understood it or not, that was the case. Perhaps that was what caused so much friction. between them, but when he went on long journeys with her, he took care of her like a bear taking care of his cubs. She was a mother of a hen like you seldom seen.” However, periodically, despite the efforts of the young lady, and even with the best will in the world, she seriously questions this relationship. However, they are back together.

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last chance
Guy Fournier, a close friend of both, experienced all these hesitations, all this grief. On August 8, 2012, in his column for Montreal JournalHe wrote: “In June 1997, after the last rehearsalEnt cadieuxI ate with Marie Sully. She has just resumed living with Jean-Claude for the thousandth time. Their love has never been so comfortable. Although I loved Jean-Claude like a son, Marie Soleil on a few occasions advised to end their relationship. This time again, the young woman would rather listen to her heart than the advice of her close friend. So she gives her a new chance “Not her boyfriend” who offers to spend her summer vacation with him. Marie Soleil is pleased with this proposal, especially since Jean-Claude seems to sincerely want to have a good time with her. Accept. Guy Fournier isn’t keen on the idea that she still risks getting injured. At most he managed to get a compromise from him. Before leaving on a trip, she will give him an ultimatum: if he does not change his position with her, then this will be the end, once and for all. The rebel agrees.

The couple’s vacation first includes a week of salmon fishing. Everything is going great. finally! Marie Sully began to touch what she had been craving for three years ago. Back home, she was already thinking about the next expedition, which they would do in a few days.

personal group

Some good news!
Jean-Claude and his friend Gaston Lepage own a chalet in Haute Morrissey, near the Gwen Dam. On August 7, 1997, the latter went there with his inseparable friend Patrice Lecoyer. They were soon joined by the couple, who went there on a Cessna flown by Luzon. Gaston’s wife, Louise Labarre, spent time with them at the chalet. Upon her return, she gave Jay Fournier a phone call.

Twenty years later, in a column signed on August 10, 2017 in Montreal JournalHe recalls, “She told me that Marie Sully had never been so happy for her.” And Jean-Claude? “He was never nice to her.”

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