The disappearance of Jose Lorenzi, the Corsican painter

Painting was his life. His life was a drawing. I accompanied and guided him from an early age, as he painted watercolors from the height of his six years, inspired by Cape Corsicawhere some of its island roots lie.

Jose Lorenzi He continued to paint almost until his last breath, in his studio, on the heights Bastiathis city which was so dear to him and which he knew how to restore in an unparalleled way, and in Aix-en-Provence, an equally picturesque city where he loved to seek inspiration alongside his wife, Marie-Therese.

Jose Lorenze has just passed away at the age of 93.

With him, a master class in contemporary Corsican art concludes.

His works are on the picture rails at Gallery 31, on Pauli Boulevard, which were viewed for several years by one of his daughters, Josephine.

Knife-painted paintings, halfway between the landscapes of Corsica and Provence, which he considered a reflection of the interior landscapes, hills, seascapes, sailboats, as well as alleys and famous buildings in Bastia such as the Basilica of Saint-Jean – “It is the first face of Bastia that presents itself to those who arrive by sea,” Pointed – or band platform in San Nicolas Square, portraits of women …

Technical section adventure

Jose Lorenze’s life is under the sign of creation but also under the sign of transmission.

He returned to Corsica in 1957, three years after graduating from Fine Arts in Paris. Returning to the island the small place given to teach the arts, this young teacher, who was previously from the ordinary school, wants to give it a new impetus. He created the art department at Bastia High School. Then the “Centurions” group, a research group.

Between 1957 and 1971, José Lorenze, voluntarily, like the priesthood, introduced the fine arts to an entire generation of students outside of school hours, off the beaten path. This section is a huge success.

Every evening, for two hours, high school students were acquainted with the history of art, on enamel thanks to the oven, on drawing or painting. “They were reshaping the world in their own way and it was exciting”José Lorenzi had recommended to our colleague Jean-Pierre Girolamy, notes that the latter takes in the preface to the book dedicated to the painter, Islander.

This master of plastic arts was a teacher at heart, and he dug the grooves that led many of his pupils to continue down this path: Ange Leccia, Jean-Paul Marcheschi, Dominique degli Esposit, Jean-Paul Pankrazy and Bernard Philippi. ..

At the same time, Jose Lorenze followed his own artistic path. His first solo exhibition dates back to 1962 in Paris where he was noticed by Jacques Lassen, director of the Museum of Modern Art, curator of the Biennales in Venice and São Paulo, and right-hand man of the Minister of Culture, André Malraux.

Daniel Buren’s friend, a Corsican painter, drew his inspiration from the crossroads of influences and led a very impressive career as an artist. He is known and recognized in Corsica, on the continent and abroad.

In 1971, he received the technical department badge because he “You have to know when to quit.” pointed out. But he continued to teach, before becoming principal of Montessori High School, and above all painting. Even if he admitted that he knew a period of existential questioning about the meaning of art which led him to stock up on his bearer before finding his way to inspiration and painting again, and that is without interruption until his last moments.

José Lorenze left a great imprint, this passion that he was able to share and his paintings, a wonderful figurative work that many will continue to follow with their gaze, like these sea paintings where, like a painter, sailing a sailboat towards the horizon. A huge participant in the life of the local community and a huge fan of cinema, he chaired the jury of the Italian Bastia Festival and produced one of the most beautiful posters for this event in February 2007.

Jose Lorenze’s funeral will be held this morning at 11:30 AM at Ondina Cemetery.

Morning course He extends his deepest condolences to all his family and all those affected by this loss.

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