Sheila is 77 years old: the unexpected homage to her ex-wife Sylvie Ortega, with whom she is cold

This Tuesday, August 16, for Sheila’s birthday, her ex-wife made a sweet statement to her. Sylvie Ortega wants to bury the hatchet. There is no room for resentment. On Tuesday, August 16, Sheila celebrated her 77th birthday and was able to count on the support of her fans, relatives and, most surprisingly, her ex-wife. However, … Read more

Prince Harry’s diary: This investigation into his mother’s death he would have ordered

The release of Prince Harry’s soon-to-be memoirs could trigger a new earthquake within the royal family. According to the English media, the Duke of Sussex wants to clarify the mysteries surrounding Lady Diana’s death… Prince Harry wrote his memoirs The shocking book is scheduled to be published at the end of 2022 In the book, … Read more

wedding parties. Julie J, François Hollande, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck… They said yes in 2022

The year 2022 is placed under the sign of love! From Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to Ilona Smit passing by Kourtney Kardashian, Britney Spears and Kristen Bravo, many stars have married their better half. There are unions we were expecting, ones that surprised or even surprised marriages! In 2022, once again, many stars said … Read more

Dear Guests | Quebec Magazine

After an evening brilliantly led by Michelle Cortemanche, who’s back on stage, Anthony Kavanaugh had a mandate that wasn’t easy at the helm of Comedy II! Feast / feast. • Read also: Comedy Fest: As If Michelle Cortemanche Never Stopped • Read also: Anne Romanoff: sympathetic and refreshing The evening started off slow and improved … Read more

A little girl invites Prince George to her birthday, and Kate Middleton answers her

Kate Middleton made a 6-year-old girl happy. The Duchess of Cambridge responded to her letter by inviting Prince George to her birthday party. Prince George, who celebrated his ninth birthday on July 22, received an invitation from a little girl. This one was celebrating her sixth birthday months ago, she wanted to invite Prince George. … Read more

New born Albert and Charlene from Monaco? This crazy new theory about the princely couple

As questions multiply about the marriage between Albert and Charlene of Monaco, rumors point to a solution…especially envisioned by the Prince of Rock. Albert and Charlene from Monaco have two 7-year-olds Prince Albert II would like a third child with Charlene The Princess of Monaco will not agree to this project Another royal baby? According … Read more

Britney Spears secretly filmed by her children, Kevin Federline continues his attacks

While Britney Spears has responded to her previous accusations of Kevin Federline regarding his relationship with her two sons, the latter posted two videos of the star that were secretly filmed several years ago. While giving a TV interview, Kevin Federline publicly reignited his war against Britney Spears. In the first excerpts published by the … Read more