Queen (Mary) of the Sun | Journalism

There was a semi-monastic silence in the newspaper’s editorial room. the sun. Nothing unusual on a Sunday evening in August 1997, when regular journalists, even those on weekends, were making use of their annual leave. Posted at 8:15 AM There was only one reporter on duty: I, the excess news keeper, was locked in a … Read more

All about the unexpected love story between Marie-Soleil Togas and Jean-Claude Luzon

Eager for new knowledge, discoveries, and experiences, Marie-Soleil Togas lives her life to the fullest. Director Jean-Claude Luzon, who is twelve years older than him, has the same predatory appetite. Despite the characters in Antipods, and through a thousand pitfalls, they weave a fragile but sincere love affair. Out of sight, they will live out … Read more

“Dear Audrey” is a story of love and loss

In director Martin Duckworth’s home, on Jeanne Mance Street in Montreal, his late wife Audrey is everywhere. Hanging on a rope hanging in the living room are all the condolence cards their friends sent on his death, and on the wall are children’s drawings he made. “The furniture comes from his family, and the utensils … Read more

40 Facts About Robert De Niro’s Goats

The actor celebrates on August 17, 2022, turning 79 years oldThe tenth Anniversary… 1. Robert Anthony De Niro, Jr. is more Irish than Italian : Three of his grandparents are from Ireland, as opposed to only one from Italy. 2. Robert De Niro, however, has Italian citizenship since 2004When the government granted him honorary citizenship. … Read more