Queen (Mary) of the Sun | Journalism

There was a semi-monastic silence in the newspaper’s editorial room. the sun. Nothing unusual on a Sunday evening in August 1997, when regular journalists, even those on weekends, were making use of their annual leave. Posted at 8:15 AM There was only one reporter on duty: I, the excess news keeper, was locked in a … Read more

All about the unexpected love story between Marie-Soleil Togas and Jean-Claude Luzon

Eager for new knowledge, discoveries, and experiences, Marie-Soleil Togas lives her life to the fullest. Director Jean-Claude Luzon, who is twelve years older than him, has the same predatory appetite. Despite the characters in Antipods, and through a thousand pitfalls, they weave a fragile but sincere love affair. Out of sight, they will live out … Read more

Brain cancer: At the age of nineteen, she began her life’s struggle against the disease that killed her grandmother

A young woman from Quebec must start the battle of her life, a few weeks before her 20th birthday, to confront an inoperable brain tumor at the same time as her grandmother from the same disease, which can be partially genetic. • Read also: Pierce the shield that protects tumors • Read also: Overcoming a … Read more

Knowing how to insult is an art | Journalism

My column from last Monday about the unease of the Pride Parade1 I received all kinds of comments. On Facebook, a young woman disliked me saying that the new team spent a lot of time defending countless claims while it was better to take care of the logistics of the event. Posted at 7:15 a.m. … Read more

98.5 FM | Luke Ferrandis succeeds Bernard Drinville

The host and former politician will lead the weekday noon radio program on 98.5 FM Posted at 7:00 am Luke Boulanger Journalism It is clear that the airwaves pass well between politics and the press in Quebec. After being commissioner at Paul Arcand’s microphone for three years, Luc Ferrandez will become a star host for … Read more

wild man | Journalism

Thus, the house of Dior decided to renew its contract with Johnny Depp to ensure the promotion of her perfume. Savage. The deal will include a “seven-figure” sum over a few years (previously $5 million). Posted at 7:15 a.m. Note that the actor was actually the face of this fragrance (not to be confused with … Read more

A baffling evening with OSM at the Olympic Stadium

Montreal residents flocked to the Olympic Stadium in droves for the concert Aux couleurs des Amériques prepared by Rafael Payare and OSM, with the aim of “celebrating the richness of musical repertoire that has existed on American soil for centuries, from Canada to Venezuela”. In the end, the evening was unsettling, somewhat dull and without … Read more