“Dear Audrey” is a story of love and loss

In director Martin Duckworth’s home, on Jeanne Mance Street in Montreal, his late wife Audrey is everywhere. Hanging on a rope hanging in the living room are all the condolence cards their friends sent on his death, and on the wall are children’s drawings he made. “The furniture comes from his family, and the utensils … Read more

40 Facts About Robert De Niro’s Goats

The actor celebrates on August 17, 2022, turning 79 years oldThe tenth Anniversary… 1. Robert Anthony De Niro, Jr. is more Irish than Italian : Three of his grandparents are from Ireland, as opposed to only one from Italy. 2. Robert De Niro, however, has Italian citizenship since 2004When the government granted him honorary citizenship. … Read more

In the name of the Earth, the Pele family… These 5 movies and series were shot in Maine

Luanne, Guillaume Canet, Annie Girardot, along with actresses and actors. Michel Legrand and Eric Lartigau on the directors’ side. Mayenne is a popular filming location for filmmakers. A look back at five productions filmed in the department. 1. Aries family The film was directed by Eric Lartigau in 2013 Aries family He was shot mostly … Read more

“La Verónica”, “The Last Days in the Desert”, “Where the Lobster Sings” … Movies to Watch (or Not) This Week

♥♥♥ La Veronica Chilean Drama by Leonardo Medel with Mariana Di Girolamo and Antonia Gisin (1 hour 40 minutes). Viewing this video may result in cookies being deposited by the operator of the video platform to which you will be directed. Due to the refusal to deposit the cookies you expressed, in order to respect … Read more

August 17 cinematic releases: The Old Furnaces 2, Vesper Chronicles, Esther 2… – Actus Ciné

Filming Anecdotes, Notes of Intent, Information for Film Lovers: Find out every week behind the scenes of the movie releases. Old Kilns 2: Christophe Duthoron’s Asylum Vouchers With Pierre Richard, Eddie Mitchell, Bernard Le Coc… what is he talking about ? To help the emigrants he’s been hiding in Paris, Piero takes them southwest to … Read more