Paul Hody becomes the host at 91.9 Sports

Paul Houde has found his new team: 91.9 Sports. Posted at 6:45 a.m. The most attractive free agent on Radio Montreal will host the morning show this weekend. First Appearance: September 3. And if his show is as interesting as our meeting on Tuesday, when he first visited Laurier Avenue Studios, you’ll be in for … Read more

But what did Bernard Weber do in “Les Traitors” on the M6?

In a reality show featuring celebrities, who do you expect to find? Ex-athletes, comedians, comedians, ex-Miss France, stars of social networks…, it shows. All these profiles (David Doylet, Camille LaCour, Alex Ramirez, Nato, Martin Lamothe, Elsa Essenault, Delphine Weisbeiser, Just Riad …) are therefore in the selection traitors, launched this Wednesday, 9:10 p.m., on M6. … Read more

“Le Restaurant”: the reality on the plate

Both reality TV and observational documentaries, Zeste’s new cooking competition, “Le Restaurant” first shines a spotlight on entrepreneurship and the reality of the restaurant industry. Talking about money, “food cost” and profitability. And the customer in all of this is entitled to a big piece of the pie. “We are in the reality of catering. … Read more

Saskia Thot tells rare secrets about her husband

As she says herself, Saskia Thoth is a complete woman. Two beautiful children, an inspiring love story, a career that does very well… The hostess is preparing to reach the 50 mark next March, which, in general, is only a number for her. In her house, by her pool, on a beautiful sunny day, she … Read more

The Cordioles holiday has turned into a real nightmare!

Cordioles from large families have had the worst vacation of their lives. Here’s why! Viewers had the opportunity to discover the Cordules in large families, life in XXL. She is also one of the most followed and appreciated tribesmen on the TV show! Since their debut, their lovable character has captured the admiration of fans. … Read more

Le Restaurant: an exceptional new program

A brand new cooking competition broadcast on Zeste will surprise viewers at the start of the school year. Led by Helen Bourgeois Leclerc and Vincent Dion Lavalle, Restaurant Promises to impress. Twelve candidates will compete during the ten weeks of the show, aiming to win $50,000 to start their dream restaurant. In addition to seducing … Read more

Radio Canada has carried out a conspiratorial hijacking of “Bobino” that has been removed from the web

A court order brought by state-owned Radio Canada has successfully removed an “educational” series targeting children and imitating a youth cult program from websites. BobinoShow documents filed in Federal Court. Babino, the “No Trap, No Hidden Message” program where “there is no doubt to talk about the health crisis” and is similar to the children’s … Read more