Bullet Train Derailed, Nope Already Approaching 100 Million

The new action movie that Brad Pitt wears, Express trainappears to have remained on the dock while the rest of the box office shows a significant drop in attendance. Heralded as one of the year’s most anticipated, if not at least summer, new movie by former acrobat-turned-actor David Leitch (Deadpool 2, atomic blond) ultimately failed … Read more

Who remembers this ending (naze) that exploited an alien expanding universe?

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Mass ended with a teasing scene about a connection to the Alien saga. Everyone definitely forgot about it, and that was so much the better. That was in 2008. It was before PrometheusBefore Alien: CovenantBefore the dream (or nightmare as desired) Alien 5. This was before Disney set its big foot … Read more

Toy Story Show Is Pixar’s Biggest Failure (And It Deserves)

Now this lightning buzz On Disney + in the US, we can officially say that the sub-show of Toy Story It’s Pixar’s biggest failure and one that Disney researched. After the shearing processstraight ahead At the beginning and exit of the pandemic drunkAnd the look And the red alert live on Disney+, lightning buzz He’s … Read more